Time Flies As We Near The End of The World

A Classic table clock timeBismillah,
I have not posted in my poor blog for sometime now. I posted once in this blog last week and Salim was concerned about its validity so to be on the safe side I deleted that post. So it has been more than 3 weeks since I wrote that post about Zionist propaganda strategy but I feel it was like a few days ago.

Anyway, have you thought about how soon time seems to fly and days become weeks and months and before you know it’s a new year? It reminds me of a Hadeeth (saying) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about time passing quickly when the end of the world nears. If I recall that Hadeeth correctly prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had said something to the effect that, when the end of the world nears time will pass so fast, that a year will be like a month and a month will be like a week and a week will be like a day and a day will be like a hour and a hour will be like a minute and a minute will be like the time taken for a leaf to burn. How true is prophet Muhammad’s prophecy. Indeed I am always shocked how soon time seems to pass. I hardly could keep track with hours let alone minutes when I am doing something interesting. The most striking example of how fast time passes is every Friday when I’m getting ready for Jummah prayers. Then sometimes I wonder, “Why, it was like yesterday I got ready for Jummah last week!” and then remember the Hadeeth I just mentioned.

Anyway, what with my studies and all the other things in a youths life and my limited and very slow access to the Internet I am very sad I have not been able to post here as regularly as I hoped. I remember when I started this blog about 6 months ago, I had more spare time and I hoped to post every fourth or fifth day but that turned out to be only a hope. I am now lucky if I get time to go see what’s happening in my favourite news websites and forums.

But I didn’t entirely stop blogging these few weeks. I posted some posts in the Muslim Unity blog. You might find them interesting. Here are the links to them:

1) A Christian Internet Monk’s Opinion About the Blogosphere

2) Saudi Arabia: King Abdullah “Marrying” Israel to fight Shia Muslims

3) Who will be the Caliph of the Caliphate?

4) A Prayer that’ll help you in your quest for Knowledge

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