Reads of the Week – 1 February 2007

Every week while browsing the Internet I read many interesting articles. I would like to share the most interesting, instructive, informative or inspiring articles with my blog readers. So inshallah, from this week onwards I am going to post a weekly blog post like this with links to the most interesting web articles I read in that week.

  • Amad relates two very distressing stories involving two Muslim sisters in his post- The Prostitute and the Atheist: Lessons in our Grief. I found it very painful because both involved practicing sisters, who by all accounts  seem to have been “good” Muslims.
  • Umar Lee writes about a ongoing Western propaganda promoting a superficial form of Islam which will be in harmony with Western interests and pacify the current Muslim resistance. This is a very serious matter. If Only a “Wahabi” Believes This, Then What Does a Muslim Believe?” An essential read for all concerned Muslims.
  • Among the plethora of misconceptions and petty accusations against Islam, you would occasionally find a serious charge. One of them is that the noble Quran (Koran) contains “hate” against Jews and Christians. Svend White’s debunks it in his article,Some observations on charges of “hate” in the Quran
  • Parenting is no easy task and so is growing up as a God fearing student and going through school and university. Growing up as a practicing Muslim I got through my fair share of difficulties at school but still continue to struggle against Shaytan’s (Satan’s) temptations while I now study for my degree. A Bristish Muslim activist and young mother, Fatima Barkatulla who blogs at Muslim Motherhood writes,  My visit to a prep school. (And my memories of sex-education) May Allah protect all of us from sin and hellfire. Amen.
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