A Proposal to Unite Muslim World – A Union of Muslim Countries (UMC)

muslim world unityBismillahi rahmani raheem,
A critic of Islam said, “Even if Islam were to sweep the entire area from South Africa to Philippines we [i.e the western powers] need not fear for they are utterly and hopelessly disunited. The Islamic world would probably turn in on itself over sectarian and national divisions before it would be a major threat to even India.” I wish it was not but I fear this is the truth. Today Muslims number 1.5 billion and counting. Oil drives the world and 3/4 of the proven oil reserves lie under Muslims feet. Islam the religion of Muslims is a potent force as it was when it first spread out of Arabia 14 centuries ago. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific isles is a landmass spanning 15,000 km inhabited by Muslim majorities.

Yet how do Muslims figure in the world arena? Sad to say it’s nothing less that pathetic. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of ALL the Muslim countries combined is less than or equal to that of France. 15 years ago when 50,000 Muslim women are raped by Christian Serbs in Bosnia, Muslims watched as spectators. Now when country after country falls to the hands of American and other neo-colonialists Muslims look on helplessly. When Lebanon is bombed to Stone Age and Palestine is no more we heat our seats. Millions starving in Africa, many more oppressed by cruel dictators in Central Asia does not disturb the Muslim peace of mind. YaAllah! I dare say they’ll be heating their chairs even if Mecca is vaporized or millions butchered in Saudi Arabia and Iran. “The less we think about the Muslims the happier we’ll be,” seems the thought of the day.

Disunited as we are I don’t think Allah will help us if we don’t try to correct ourselves. Allah’s help comes only when we change ourselves for the better. The darkest hours are the nearest to dawn. There are ways out of this seemingly stalemate situation of the Muslim world.

Presented here is a vision to unite Muslims countries. If it can be realized there’ll be a Muslim federation or union stretching from the shores of Atlantic to the isles in the edge of the Pacific Ocean. First let’s look at the some facts.

worldwide muslim population distribution map

The map shows the current worldwide Muslim population distribution. The vision foreseen here is for a united union/federation of Muslim countries. Lets call it The Union of Muslim Countries or simply UMC for now, for easier reference. Here is the map of Union based on the above Muslim distribution. The countries with a Muslim majority population will belong to the Union of Muslim Countries (UMC). This is map of the intercontinental UMC.

muslim countries union map

The Union of Muslim Countries or UMC could be like the European Union, and inshaallah can be formed in phases and stages via discussions, consensus, coordination etc. The current national borders, nation governments etc. will be intact, but there will also be a federal government and parliament for the whole UMC. The people from one part of the federation, for instance a citizen of Nigeria would be able to go to Bangladesh or Malaysia without the need for a passport or other travel documents, just like within the EU. An investor from Kuwait will be able to start a business enterprise in Senegal or Pakistan as easily as he would in Kuwait. An Indonesian, Pakistani farmer will send his harvest to be sold to Moroccans and Yemenis without much hassle or import duties he presently has to pay. People within the UMC will be able to move and settle anywhere within the UMC union’s borders as if in the same country. The movement of people and goods within the union will have as much freedom as available in a country now. All people irrespective of gender, religion, nationality, caste, colour or language currently living within the UMC border will belong and be citizens of the UMC. They’ll have all the rights they enjoy now. There’s no need for Muslims living outside of the UMC federation to come and live in a UMC country, but of course if anyone wants they’ll be able to settle and obtain citizenship of any of the UMC countries be a citizen of UMC.

It’s worth remembering 60 years ago a European Union (EU) was a dream of a few enlightened people. But today it is a reality. And also Muslim countries have an advantage European nations didn’t have back then. That is, there always exists an urge in the Muslim psyche for something like a Caliphate or an intercontinental Islamic state covering the whole Muslim world. Similar proposals like these have been voiced before. That’s good. But to bear fruits, these proposal and ideas needs to reach as many people as possible. So as the first step to form a Union of Muslim Countries that can protect and act on behalf of Muslim peoples and countries interests is to spread the idea to many as possible.

Leaving things as it is or engaging in wishful thinking without action or allowing and appealing to non-Muslims Super Powers and countries to decide the fate of our Muslim people and our lands, in all likelihood leads to the devastation of both. We Muslims must decide our future and not leave it at the hands of other powerful nations. We are making a grave mistake in underestimating the abilities, resources and knowledge Allah has given us. Inshaallah if we try we can make it.

Please send this article to 5 people and help create awareness for a Union of Muslim Countries.

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51 Responses to A Proposal to Unite Muslim World – A Union of Muslim Countries (UMC)

  1. Abdul Jabar says:

    AssalamoAlaikom Brother.

    May Allah reward you for having and promoting the Idea of one muslim nation.

    Here is a book by Haroon Yahya regarding the islamic unity……..WHY AN ISLAMIC UNIION?


  2. Imran Momin says:

    I am glad to know about people who just think like what I do. I am an Indian Muslim happy to be in India but feel bad when I see fellow muslims in Muslims nations only feeling the heat of being citizen of that country. May be insha allah peace will prevail in Muslim World.You have forgot to mention about same currency across muslim world.so no nedd of dollar or pound for trading.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Imran,
    I wrote this some months back and in the meanwhile I have changed my views. I am now in favour of re-establishing the Khilafa but still would gladly welcome atleast Muslim countries union like the European union. Thank you for reminding about a common currency for the Muslim world, I forgot to mention it. Currency is a very important thing. In the modern world it is also a strategic weapon. But unfortunately let alone a caliphate the Ummah doesn’t seem to want even a Muslim countries union 😦

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Brother brought a Great point — of having a Single Muslim Currency — specially when the Dollar has Collapsed —- This is a Great Opportunity for Muslims Countries to Start their Single Currency — And they can still keep their Individual Currency — just like they are doing in Europe — There is a Euro and other countries e.g. British, also have their individual currency —- Chinese + Russian are trying to promote their Currency right now — Single currency could solve alot of financial problems in Muslim Countries and Huge Financial Bankruptcy if they still stick to Dollar — cuz Dollar could go any time — taking with it Billions n Billions worth of Investment of those who are still hanging on to Dollar —

      -Not to mention all the associated Financial Troubles that Dollar Collapse will bring with it –

      I think Muslim Currency in reality is much more practical & Sustainable — cuz of Huge Muslim Brothers population SPREAD over a Huge Area of the World —-
      and China and Russia would Welcome such a move from Muslim Countries —

      So in Reality its the Best Time for this Opportunity for Muslims —-

  4. Wasim - India says:

    Dear brother nice post,

    I also fear to say that it is difficult to have a union. However it is not impossible. There is a large size of young educated Muslims who want to unite Muslims all over the world. The best thing we can do it to educated people as who are we and what Allah and his Rasool wants.

  5. Aurangzaib says:

    I think the union is 100% possible and will be very effective in protecting Muslims not just inside the union but also where Muslims are in minority. If it was possible in the past , it will be possible in the future. What Muslims need is proper education and needs to develope a powerful militray power to bring Khilafa back. Because uncle Sam will do his best to prevent it.

  6. yassar says:

    my name is yassar i

  7. yassar says:

    my name is yassar and i had married with a hindu based girl some day before.but her family member are searching to kill me. wrt now we are eccaped from them.i want to come out from this country please help me……….other wise they will kill us my aim is to see her makka and madina

  8. el muslim says:

    if we are ever able to create a ‘muslim union’ we will be able to create a khilafah in the form of a federal state just as easily. Our enemies will do their utmost to prevent either and the true Muslims will never settle for less than a Khilafah. Therefore there isn’t too much point in taking this too far since we are as likely to get it as the Khilafah. And also today’s borders are the product of colonialism; to create a stable union/federal state we need to ensure justice in the form of for example Kurdistan and redrawn ‘borders’

  9. el muslim says:

    oh regarding currency btw check out indonesia they were introducing the old Caliphate-style currency (you know dirham etc.) look for it

  10. Selamu alejkum
    Praise be to GOD(ALLAH), the Lord of the worlds….
    I will support whoever of muslim nation works for a muslim united contries…
    The only way is the method of teching islam of MUHAMMED a.s.
    Firstly, we have to learn islam in the pure way to believe that GOD is one, who doesnt sit on the throne as is said by some so-called islamic groups, and nothing is like GOD…
    secondly. to create workships with all msullim countries escpecially with youth..
    Third step is to get out of government of muslim countries so-called people Mason-myslims…for ex. the king of Arabic, Jordan. and many others…
    foruthly, muslim united countries will be able to be united,,,,
    the first of all is to KNow that what islam is….

  11. Tausif Ahmed says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaykum, Alhamdulillaah wasalaatu wasalaamu ‘ala Rasullillaah.
    My dear brothers, why is that most of the brothers are just talkin about bring the Khilafa.. just ponder over your life style and think how much you had dedicated yourself to the Deen Al-Islam. First start spreadin the message of Tawhid and remove the footstep of Shirk from Muslim Community.. Khilafa is a fruit given by Allaah(SWT) for His obedience.. it is not a think that our Prophet(saw) aimed for.. Khilafa comes automatically if you try to bring this muslim nation unity by the teachin of Islam and obedience to Allaah.
    Jazakallaahu Khairan

  12. Mike Ara says:

    i like a union idea in your website , the union of Muslims for peace to open and resolve the problems with other UNIONS like EU, USA, AU, CA,AF and RF

    The Union or Fedraion bring the powerfull solution for mankind and save money on defense.

  13. SSH says:

    Unite for peace. Islam is peace.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      I would say “””” Unite for the Glory of Both Worlds “””” This Fake, Short, Deceptive World and the Next, Rewardful, Infinite, Beautiful, Forever World —-

  14. Tawhid (bangladesh) says:

    Brother, where did you get this false notion that entire Muslim world’s GDP is less than or equal to that of France?

    Only oil rich Arab countries alone outproduce France. And if you talk of the entire Arab world it’s superior to Russia, Italy, France, Spain or UK according to GDP based on Purchasing Power Parity. This is according to the statistics publicly available from the International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook of Oct 2008 CE.

    The entire sum total of all OIC members and observers GDP is larger than ALL the world’s economies except European Union and USA.

    If we were to have one common currency, have one common market, no import tariffs and no trade barriers, we would probably be twice as powerful as USA or EU.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Brother wat about the Academics & Education of the Muslim World —-

      Muslim Brothers need to focus on Education — as the First VERSE of Allah (S.W.T.) came to Humanity in our Holy Quran was “Iqra” and following Verse is the Emphasis of the First Verse —

      Muslims have Ignored Education — This is the Single most Destructive Factor of Muslim Downfall — of Today —
      and So called Religious Muslim Mullah (priest) + Religious parties have played a Havoc on Muslims for the last 100 yrs. by SAYING if you get educated in Sciences, you would become Non-Muslim —- Allah(S.W.T.) made this world and Universe and Everything including the Sciences — So if we get educated in Sciences we are actually praising Allah(S.W.T.) —

      i will give you a small Example — SEE THE DIFFERENCE — small Muslim Country like Malaysia and the Entire Muslim Middle East —
      Malaysian Prime minister Mahathir Muhammad transformed his country in 20 yrs. from third world farming Village to — better and Stronger in education + Economy than any European Country
      Yet Mahathir Muhammad always Openly and Blatantly Criticized Jews, Jewish Media, Western Hatred for Muslims and at the same time transformed his country in developed progressive Muslim Country

      Mahathir’s Bold Statements for the Oppressed Muslims of the World will INSHALLAH shine forever in the history of this World as a Glorious Shinning Light

      Small Country Like Japan has Over 700 Universities for the last 50 yrs.

      you Look and tell me how many Universities we have in the Entire Muslim Countries

  15. ............... says:

    As-Salāmu `Alaykum brother…

    Yes this is exactly what we should do, but I believe the UNI would be better if it were actually one country under one absolute monarchy…

    Brothers and sisters open your eyes!!! For many years now it has been Muslim brother fighting Muslim brother!!!! As we do the non-believers laugh at us!!! And for what?1?!?!?!? Because of corruption?!?!? Because of some stupid new ideas????

    Its time for change!

  16. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  17. jame says:

    yes its time.you forgot 7 russian muslim federal republics and 2 chinese muslim provincess and south philipine mindanao and other coutries like etheopia 40% muslims india about 18% 180 millions of muslims

  18. Mohammed Faliq says:

    The Gross domestic product of france is about a 1 trillion dollars.

    The gross Domestic product of all Islamic Nations is a about 7 trillion dollars. Thats same as China’s GDP not France. Get Your facts straight.


    • Syed Hassan Askary Haider says:

      Assalam Brother!

      Your calculation on GDP based upon certain criteria could be more correct.
      How ever, here the objective is to make Muslims know that where are placed & how they can position them selves with absolute passage of time.Thanks for apprising us the correct figure-GDP.This would envision us to scale up the objectives more wisely.

  19. Ahmad says:

    The theory of UMC is desperately needed to materialize before Uncle Sam and its allies have their new states inside the UMC. Aren’t they planning terror and instigate terror into our heartlands?
    Have they really not been able to capture thier so called Wanted men for almost Ten years in Afghanistan?
    Are they really honest?
    Considering all the enormous expenses that could have been a fraction if it was not pretended like that.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Islam don’t get fooled by those who invite armies into Islamic states because they want to be a true helper for the Anti-Christ (Dajjal) to appear tomorow if not seen today.

    UMC can be materialize tomorow if not today.

  20. Hate_Secularists says:

    To the author of this article :

    You need to wake up. The OIC is nothing but a fragmented and broken body. They have no influence whatsoever (except for when the Aqsa was put on fire)

    You should realise that even during the Ottoman Empire, persia was never under their control. Why? Coz they are Shi’ites (Safavid Empire).

    You cannot have a Sunni – Shi’ite harmony. Its pretty obvious from what has happened since the Iraq war. The Shi’ites are power hungry and want to spread their influence. Hell, even Saudi and Egypt are worried about them.

    And ofc … Uncle Sam will use this division and play with us.

    Sorry but thats the reality.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      Your so called Uncle Sam is busy asking for Bailout from CHina, Russia, and other investors for Collapsed Western Economy of Wild Wild West
      (which was actually, Threat n Grab, kidnap for Ransom, Shock n Awe Economy)

      Now Uncle Sam is trying to be Nice to China and Russia

      cuz your Uncle same can not used the above Civilized, Democratic Techniques with China and Russia or Even poor super power enthusiast country like india

    • J.B. says:

      I agree with you that it will be very difficult, but not impossible. Even We Americans do not agree on everything, but we are United, and Unite Strongly when Our Country is in Danger or has been attacked. The Situation in Burma should be one good reason to form a Muslim Union. To protect Your Brother and Sister Muslims, and children and babies who can not protect themselves.

  21. MoMo says:

    My idea of a united muslim nation will be called United Countries under Islam or UCI, and its citizens will be called Ucians. I believe in secularism ( I believe that non-muslims should feel UCI is like home not feel separated from the country ) and thats how I picture UCI. Although there will be Islamic laws embedded like no interests and stuff. Its economy will be something like capitalism but each company has to give 2.5% of their wealth as donations to charity organizations.

  22. Iftikhar Ahmed Mirza says:

    Let Us Be Unite Under a Single Flag of ISLAM.
    Allah-o- Akber .

  23. Laila Faizah says:

    there will be always a good and a bad person. Just like the two sides of a coin. there would be always people who have sick mentals, abusive people beside there would be always the kindhearted people as the opposite. There would be always psychophaths around muslims, christion, Hindhus, Buddhis, etc hiding in the name of Religions. Psychopath doesn’t choose what blood you have, what nationality you have, what religion you have, what kind of skin color you have. No matter you live in Khilafah system or seculer system.
    If there will be a khilafah system one day, the United State of Muslim, I am sure these problems would still occure. No matter how great the Khalifah is.
    I don’t believe with Imam mahdi. But I believe, that as said in Qur’an, Isa ( Jesus) would come to save us from Dajjal. not Imam mahdi/mehdi. Because Isa is still living untill now. Allah saves him. One day, Allah would sent Isa among us. So we have to stop debating like we have no other job. We’d better to pray, read qur’an and save our family from Nar than arguing each other. Because in debating, there would be a smarter person than you, and the smarter other above the smarter one and the smarter than the smarter. This wouldn’t be end. Real muslim doesn’t arguing and debating too much. Real muslim doesn’t hate other muslims. Let’s just be a moslem who respect other believes.
    ” Lakum diinukum waliya diin ( For you is your Religion, and for me is mine). Said Allah in Quran 109:6.
    Let’s just be moslem who pray 5 times, who pay zakat, who feast, who go to makkah when we able to do it financially and mentally as five pilar of Islam after kalimah syahadah. Let’s teach our children to do these. Do care of ourselves and our family from Nar. If we dream a better life, family is the 1st pondation. One family pervert, one country would be pervert. Untill all people in this forum would die, Indonesia wouldn’t let non- Indonesian to lead our country. Especially the people who don’t like peace would be kick as we kick Suharto. Except when Allah sent Isa as Allah promises In Quran. The one who innocent, the one who loves peace.

  24. mehrad says:

    Islamic Union is possible and must be done. Gulf states have so much money but spend it on whores. Egypt, Yemen and other counttires will become paradise.

  25. imtiyaz ahmed says:

    aslam aliqum
    Wow united islamic front, it is a dream.May Allah bless all muslims under one umberlla.well there is a prophecy by shah namatullah qadri who talks about pakistan and other central asia block prior to a war between it and ammerican israil and indian naxis.Allah knows best.

  26. ziyan says:

    I also agree with you brother.we should educate our ummah about it.it should be the one of dream of all muslims.im also thinking about this for long time.inshaallah its not possible if we,who have this idea in mind,get to gather.please dont stop keep trying as you can.Inshaallah oneday we can be a UMC citizen.

  27. ziyan says:

    assalamu alaikum,
    and i forgot to say the way that we are going to form UMC should be peacefull.already image of muslim and islam have ruined.so this hould be intelligent, well planned way

  28. Irfan says:

    It’s good that at least Some people in the Muslim world are waking up. Power lies in unity. I hope it does not take much more western hypocrisy for Muslims to understand the changing nature of the modern world. We have been sleeping for way too long! A quote from jawabe shiqwa: yay muslaman hai jinay dekh kur sharmai yehud! Uoon tu Syed be ho, mirza be ho, afghan be ho tum sub he kuch ho btao to musalman be ho?

  29. Haidar Ali says:

    I’ve read all the comments and feel only one needs to be removed by the moderator due to it’s blatant Islamaphobia.

    I’m from London and currently participating at a international forum in Russia (SELIGER 2010) and there are many delegates from various Muslim countries. I am proposing a discussion and debate regarding the subject matter of unifying the Muslim world. I will try my best to keep you updated Inshallah.

  30. Perry says:

    Assalamu alikum to all muslim here,
    Let us unite and help each other specially this time that america and their allies have plan of war to Iran.

  31. yousef says:

    Osama Ben Ladin been trying to do just that, and the west never stop calling him a terrorist or try to kill with the help of the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and all this rich countries how don’t want to lose their power to one Islamic State, and America will lose its power in the world. You have many problems with all this poppets at the service of the west. The Muslims people have to come together and through all this poppets in prisons, and raise up against the system. Most of our Leaders in Middle East are of Juwish decent they are the merrci of the west and America. If they don’t do that the west say they will be assissanated. keep living in dream world, un-least you act now no one will.

    • Muhammad Ali says:

      you are so right Muslim Brother Yousef — Osama Bin Laden

      Haven’t you Heard the Phrase —– Pen is Mightier than the Sword ——

      Thats the difference by doing it with Gun, Threats,
      Uniting the Muslim Brothers of the World by Education, Logic, Sciences

      its the Universal Fact.

  32. Mohammed says:

    I smiled almost through the whole of this, Thought, Im impressed at your thinking, Although your figures are for GDP incorrect. I think that a so called Muslim Europe is fantastic, However will this happen, To be honest i think yes, However this goal is only possible when Muslim stop putting labels like Sunny, Shia, Wahabbi and so forth, Then and only then this will be possible.

    If you look at the west, They stick together through thick and thin, The problem is in the East, Everyone wants to be President, Prime minister, Sultan etc.
    INSHA ALLAH brothers and sisters dont fret, it will work out, Have faith, And dont give a inch on your rights, And Educate yourselfs, This is very important

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  34. Assalamualikum. Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem.
    Actually We need to unite. And make a Muslim Leader. This is very essential at first.

  35. Shaikh says:

    assalamu alaikum,
    Yes all Muslims need to unite. First we must crush the corrupt leaders who suck our blood. We also need to crush the secularists who are doing so much to destroy Islam. Especially countries like Turkey which are ruled by securalists. It can be done. even if it takes a thousand years we will do it.

  36. Muhammad Ali says:

    INSHALLAH — Muslims Countries Living as Brothers is INEVITABLE —- if you Look @ the Events of Today —- its definitely driving towards “Union of Muslim Countries”

    Conflict – Hatred was the Legacy of Post World War 2 Era —

    Now We have to Thank the Western World + Jewish Media for Bringing all the Muslims on one Platform by Spreading Unstoppable 24/7 Propaganda against Muslims — that all Muslims are Terrorist —

    Thank you West for Bringing the Muslim Brothers of the World Together —

  37. Muhammad Ali says:

    i Think The acronym should be —- I.B.C. —- Islamic Brother Countries —-

    Thats it

    We should NOT always follow West in Every thing… like a Copy Cat …

    just like they had European Union… we should also call muslim Union

    We should have a name Unique, attractive to Muslims not unique to and attractive to Europeans

  38. Ismail Sulaiman says:

    Our intention and going towards the Islamic enrichment and Oneness of Khilafah throughout the World is very much appreciated by all creation of Allah. Saying and doing thing need to be realise step buy step.First of all I would to call everyone of us who wish to build One Islamic Khilafah nation to do ” Sunnah Hajat Pray ” at a specific time and date throughout the world. It could be individullay or the best way is in groups especially every Friday after the Friday Pray with One Niat
    ” Begging and Asking Allah SWT to unite all Muslim throughout the world ” so to prove that All Muslims are brothers and sisters. We should be able to feel with our heart that we are One.Pray to Allah to establish the way of Khilafah Rules among all muslim and non muslim countries. Allah SWT has promise to grant our prays as it was mention in the holy Quranul Karim.

    Please let move towards the establishment of Khilafah as mention by Allah SWT and The Noble Nabi Muhammah SAW that the Khilafah will be establish with the permission of Allah SWT.

    So let us practic at our lowest capabilities if we are unable to change.

    InsyaAllah we will succeed.
    Ismail Suilaiman

  39. Tuhin Reza says:

    I thank the brothers here for bringing in such an extremely important topic for discussion. Although at the moment a union of Muslim States or unity among Muslims is not feasible, it is great that at least we are talking about it. This is definitely the very first step towards the right direction.

    The greatest obstruction to the unity of Muslims and Union of Islamic countries will come not from the non-Muslims but from the Muslims themselves. We are very much divided along national, ethnic and sectarian lines and would die to preserve our narrower identity over the wider identity of Islam. It is only through proper education and practice of tolerance and mutual respect that we can bring different Muslim communities together.

  40. i7@k says:

    It is very important for well developed & powerful muslim nations to protect those which are weak & underdeveloped as we can see all the resources of weak muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan etc is now being controlled by Westerm powers, uniting all the muslim nation will bring end to this still raiding of muslim lands.

  41. i7@k says:

    & Rather than bombing & killing innocent lives. we should stand up against all those elements which are taking the name of islam in doing which is not at all acceptable in islam & ruining the lives of muslims who have to suffer everyday hostility because of these mindless people.

  42. Suleman says:

    Assalamo Alikum,
    I am in favor of this Idea very much, the reestablishment of the Khalifat has been prophesied by Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H)

    “Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘Prophethood will last among you for as long as Allah wills, then Allah will take it away. Then it will be (followed by) a Khilafah Rashida (rightly guided) on the pattern of the Prophethood. It will remain for as long as Allah wills, then Allah will take it away. Afterwards there will be a hereditary leadership which will remain for as long as Allah wills, then He will lift it if He wishes. Afterwards, there will be biting oppression, and it will last for as long as Allah wishes, then He will lift it if He wishes. Then there will be a Khilafah Rashida according to the ways of the Prophethood.’ Then he kept silent.” [Musnad Imam Ahmad]

    Scholars explain this hadith in this way: Prophethood as in the beginning of the hadith ended with the death of Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam). The next stage was Khilafah Rashida and this was from Abu Bakr Siddiq to Ali ibn Abi Taalib (radi Allahu anhuma). Then the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said it would be Mulkan which was the rule of the Banu Umayyah, Banu Abbas and the Khilafah Uthmaniyyah. Then after that, he said it would be dictatorship, i.e. oppressive rule, which we are living under today. The next stage will be Khilafah Rashida once again insha-Allah.

    This info is taken from http://dailyhadith.adaptivesolutionsinc.com/hadith/The-Return-of-The-Khilafah.htm .

    About the Currency:
    Abu Bakr ibn Abi Maryam reported that he heard the Messenger of Allah,may Allah
    bless him and grant him peace, say: “A time is certainly coming over mankind in
    which there will be nothing [left] which will be of use save a dinar and a dirham.” (The Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal) .

    So I think this also prophecies that the Golden Dinar and Silver Dirham will be the currency. The modern money we use is based on FAKE VALUE. The Dinar and Dirham have REAL VALUE. The value of Gold and Silver is rising every day.

    I hope this Prophecy will come true, Inshallah. Allah hu Akbar.

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