Islam in Russia: 2 Million Ethnic Muslims Leave Islam For Russian Orthodox Christianity

I begin in the name of Allah, the most graciousness, most merciful;

Islam in russia map

Federation Of Russia Map

From this article at 1 Muslim Nation I would like to bring the state of Islam in Russia to the notice of my conscious Muslim brothers and sisters.

You may have read or heard many Muslim as well as non-Muslim sources that claim Russia will  or could become a Muslim state by 2050 or atleast by the end of this century! The reality of Islam in Russia is however vastly different.

russian states federal map

Russian federal states and republics map

2,000,000 people left Islam Vs 2,000-5000 people embrace Islam!

According to information I believe to be accurate, since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Christian Year of 1991, between 2000 – 5000 ethnic Russians embraced Islam. At the same time if the Russian and other news articles I’ve read recently are correct, more or less 2 million ethnic Muslims have converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity!

Certainly Islam is growing in Russia and alhamdulliallah, I’m happy to hear about our Russian Muslim brothers and sisters efforts in reviving Islam among Russian Muslims since the end of godless Soviet Union in 1991. Given in the lackluster support for dawah and reviving Islam from the socalled Muslim countries or the Muslim world.  Islam is in a much stronger position in Russia today than it was 20 years ago after the sad state of religions in Russia after 70 years of Soviet communist religion suppression.

However recently I’ve read some articles I think are genuine and more accurate about the real ground situation in Russia and the real state of Islam in Russia.

From this I think that Russia becoming a Muslim country in the near future is hype and a half baked conclusion drawn from inaccurate statistics and understanding of the real situaions of Muslims and Islam in Russia.

I’m sorry to crush the hope and dream of Muslims with good dawah intentions and the ambitions of Islamophobes with anti Islam intentions and Christians and others with their own Christian missionary and political agenda.

An Accurate Summary on Islam In Russia From Wikipedia!

Russia largest mosque in Europe

Largest mosque in Europe: Grozny Central Dome Mosque in Chechnya, Russia

Please read the following extract from wikipedia that nicely sums up the real situaion about Islam in Russia.

The Orthodox Church of Russia is said to be concerned with the growing estimates that Islam is poised to become a rapidly growing minority and potentially a majority by the year 2050.[9] However, in a BBC interview, Russian demographer, Viktor Perevedentsev, dismisses the notion that Russia could become a majority Muslim nation and says this is a specter being deliberately whipped up by politicians with little understanding of demography. He acknowledges that there are very high birth rates among these population groups but insists they merely reflect an earlier stage of development and will ultimately fall. In 50 years’ time, he says, Muslims will still be a small part of Russia’s overall population.[10] While various Muslim sources claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in Russia and that ethnic Russians are converting to Islam in large numbers, Roman Silantyev, the executive secretary of the Interreligious Council of Russia denounces this as a myth.[11]

Silantyev states that in recent years more than two million people from various ethnic Muslim backgrounds including Tatar, Azeri, Ingush, Kazakh, etc. have converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity in Russia, while the number of ethnic Russians who have converted to Islam is between two thousand and five thousand. Silantyev stated most of the converts are Muslims by birth who were non-practicing, while Muslims who regularly attend mosque rarely convert. He said that the conversions happen not so much due to proselytization but instead due to the influence of the dominant Russian culture, which is Orthodox Christian.[11] Silantyev also claimed that that as confirmed by many sources including Muslim sources, after every major terrorist incident conducted by Islamic extremists in Russia, thousands, or possibly even tens of thousands of Muslims convert to Christianity. For example, Silantyev noted that after the Beslan School Massacre in North Ossetia, the proportion of Muslims in North Ossetia decreased by 30%, while in Beslan itself, where Muslims had comprised between 30 to 40% of the population, their number has decreased at least by half.[11]

The relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and Islam in Russia are very difficult and controversial. We can single out two groups: one can be called “For cooperation with Islam” and the second “Against Islam”. Their followers have different views on the problems of proselytism, inter-religion dialogue, the religious policy of the state, and the foreign policy of Russia.[12]

According to an official estimate conducted by the Russian Inter-religious Council, approximately 400 Russian Orthodox clergy belong to traditionally Muslim ethnic groups, 20 percent of Tatars are Christian, and 70 percent of interfaith marriages result in the Muslim spouse converting to Christianity. At the same time, the expert accounts for the small number of ethnic Orthodox people who have adopted Islam since 1990, among other things, by the fact that ‘for some reason Russians seem to be more willing to join sects than Islam’.[11]

In the years since the Beslan tragedy, North Ossetian security officials have sought to close down all independent Muslim organizations there. Towards this end, the authorities in Beslan and across North Ossetia arrested numerous independent Muslim leaders, sometimes even planting evidence on them and sentencing them to confinement in prison camps. And fearing arrest, other Muslim leaders either stopped preaching in public or fled the republic.[13] .

According to the Russian newspaper “Nasha Versiya”, “Many children who survived the terrorist act and the parents of those who did not have been baptized, despite the fact that earlier they considered themselves Muslims. And those residents of Beslan who died, including Muslims, have been buried according to Orthodox custom, and none of their relatives has complained.” [13] However, some of those who convert quickly fall away from the faith, and at least some of these get radicalized and join Islamist organizations.[13]

At the same time, there is a small but growing number of Russian converts to Islam.[14] Notable Russian converts to Islam include Vladimir Khodov and Alexander Litvinenko, a defector from Russian intelligence, who converted on his deathbed.

Source: Wikipedia: Islam in Russia Article

Will you spread this news and help Russia Islam and Dawah to Muslims & Non-Muslims? May Allah Be Please With You.
See Also Some News on Islam in Uzbekistan

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56 Responses to Islam in Russia: 2 Million Ethnic Muslims Leave Islam For Russian Orthodox Christianity

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  2. Muhammad Elijah says:

    “Notable Russian converts to Islam include Vladimir Khodov and Alexander Litvinenko a defector from Russian intelligence, who converted on his deathbed.”
    This is similar to the Islam of Khalid radi Allaahu ‘anhu, who fought against Islam, but eventually became a Muslim.The reason is that those who encounter Islam in a confrontation, have more oppurtunity than others to know about Islam in the process of knowing the enemy.The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have accelerated the spiritual and intellectual triuph of Islam in Europe and US.

    • arasheed says:

      Нобелевский Коран последней книге показал Его последний Посланник Мухаммад, мир ему, из всех могучего Аллаха. Эта книга представляет собой полный код жизни для всего человечества и является источником для достижения успеха в обоих мирах. Чтение, понимание и использование его для изменения своей жизни реальной цели. На этом сайте мы представляем для русских людей, говорящих по этой великой книге Аллаха, вместе с краткими комментариями. Этот сайт имеет оба варианта русском и английском языках. В дополнение к Корану можно найти, прочитать и скачать множество других исламских книг. Вы просили передать, на информацию об этом сайте, чтобы другие так, чтобы максимально люди могут извлечь из этого пользу. Пусть Аллах примет это небольшое усилие от нас и наградит вас за участие в нем

    • My Muslim brothers and sisters, I’m sure you will be sad when you read about Muslims leaving Islam in Russia. But you can act to stop this! Here are 2 things you can do to help the Muslims in Russia.

      1) Dua is the most powerful weapon of the believer. Just take a minute now! Ask a small dua from Allah for Russian Muslims. Ask him to strenghten their Imaan (faith). Because Prophet Muhammad (sal) had said:”Ask Allah for everything, even the lace of your shoes. If Allah does not provide, it will never be available.” [Ibn al-Sunni, no. 349 – hasan. Supported by at-Tirmidhi 4/298 and others.]

      Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an: “When my servants ask you concerning me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on me.” [2:186]

      Secondly, please spread the word about what is happening in Russia, so that it
      reaches those who will do something about it.

  3. damodarchari says:

    what should be believed ether increased or decreased the Islam in Russia? if it is really decreased it means the value of Islamic faith losing its importance on this earth there are some faults in Islam which must be corrected promptly to fulfill the needs of the modern society.

    • Muhammad Elijah says:

      Assalaamu ‘Alaikum waRahmatu(A)llaahi waBarakaatuh brother
      “there are some faults in Islam which must be corrected promptly to fulfill the needs of the modern society.”
      What are they?
      Isn’t modernity itself staunchly anti-religious?
      Islam is surviving today thanks to our traditional cultures,indigenous languages,indigenous attires.There are serious flaws in modern society which only Islam can cure.Muslims don’t need modern lifetsyle,modern culture.It’s modern society which needs Islam to cure its spiritual diseases of heart, not vice versa.

      • B.Ahmed says:

        Alaikumus Salam o Rahmatullah O Barkatuhu,,
        Islam is modern for all times to come. The Islamic Attire comprises the Sunna of Islam.
        There is no compulsion in Religion, Take it or leave it. Brother there are hell & paradise to be filled. If ALLAH SWT wishes all will be on true path & hell will be crying out there.
        Islam needs no change, changes are needed for our own habits & affinity with world
        citizens. Holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS was clear in guidance: He propagated: near the end time there will be division in Muslim Umma in to 73 sects ,and only one sect will truly follow the Sunna & Islam.
        ALLAH SWT is the ” Robbul Alamin” & Holy Prophet Mohammed is given the honor by ALLAH SWT ” Rahmatul lil Alamin” blessing to Man kind.
        Holy Quran doe not confine to believing Muslims only but to entire mankind.
        Even Jinns used to listen to Holy Quran .for ALLAH SWT declared” The purpose of my Creation to glorify ME & bow down & live as per guidance sent to each nation ” But Holy Quran is the last testament which was never copied nor has contradiction with science as a result many Scientists also entering Islam for every thing glorify ALLAH SWT.
        Look at what ALLAH said” Even Our Shadows bow down to ALLAH SWT”
        Therefore, even the shadows of Kuffar bow down to ALLAH. so even athiset has no arrogance.
        I can keep on writing day & night for ALLAH SWT ‘s Glory has no bound.
        AS ALLAH SWT said” if ocean become ink, tress become pen, human & angels keep on writing HIS glory, ink will dry out but HIS glory remain intact & unfinished”.
        See the magnificient order of ALLAH SWT a great homnor to Holy Prophet Mohammed( MSAS) Wati Ullahha O Watiual Rosula” ” ALLAH SWT ordered to follow HIM & also HIS holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS.
        Ummati Mohammdi are different from all other Ummah. We glorify ALLAH SWT with the name of Holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS.
        When we stand on Salat” Our head is ” MEEM” Going to knees ” Hey”, restanding” Meem” & shujud” Dal” in Arabic Mohammed MSAS.
        Our life, our living will be futile, If we have no resurrection & live & die & never meet our parents our relatives . Just to dust.
        But ALLAH SWT gave justification of this earth & next world. ALLAH SWT showed HIS
        glory of revival to Holy Prophet Abraham, AS Holy Jesus, AS, Holy Mohammed MSAS
        & to other Prophet When He revived over 4000 from graves, most probably at the Time of Holy Prophet Dulkifl( Hezakeil”. St.Barnabas in the Gospel of Barnabas was clear
        that Holy Jesus (RA) was taken alive to heaven , & that Holy Prophet( Mohammed MSAS is the last Prophet of ALLAH SWT.
        When Christians see that Islam is miraculously advancing they made story of their own that Muslims are entering Christanity, its By the grace of ALLAH SWT other way round.
        What very recent past happened: UK Christian ( Premier Christians Radio)Missioneries propagating in Uk that they need money to buy Bible s as there are many Egyptian Muslims wanted to become Christians. What was the result,? They started distributing Bible, probably to one Muslim House, who complained & they killed many Christians. However, they should have politely refused.
        My elder daugfhter picked up a Bible & brought it home, She said ” Papa let me see what is written” Then she started finding many Mistakes in the Bible & started
        defending Islam. . This is ALLAH’s grace. Our two daughters have no friends because
        most of the locals are either smokers, drinkers & club goers.
        So Brothers & sisters ALLAH SWT is never wrong, HE promised that people will enter Islam by group & they are.
        Islam is the light &will dispel all darkness INSHALLAH.
        May ALLAH keep us ,save us & help maintain faith in the glorified Islam under the
        Rahmat of ALLAH SWT & blessing of holy Prophet Mohammed MSAS>
        Thanking you.
        B.Ahmed 18 April 2013.

  4. Johannim says:

    Islam sadly is in retreat and in decline across the glode. Demographics and news from India to Indonesia from Malasia to Montreal, show either Muslims becoming more and more secular in the West ie: muslim in name or by birth only. Subsaharan Africa in 1900 by the christian calendar was 80% muslin today in 2011 88% Christian, after fanatical attacks by certain muslim ethnic minorities in Russian thousands or millions of former muslims convert to Orthodox Christianity, the story is the same everywhere, it is sad but true and to deny it is to stick ones head in the sand.

  5. Ismail says:

    Assalam alaykum.what a sad news to hear, but it’s a challenge on today’s Muslims to look inwards and make amends where necessary vis-a-vis are we really practicing Islam the way we ought to? Does Islam tell an individual to kill another or a group simply b’cos they aren’t Muslims? Are we training our children the Islamic way? And character wise, are we models for non muslim faithfuls? All these and more are what we need to find answers to by seeking and putting to practice the sound knowledge and teachings of pristine Islam. May Allah assist Islam and alleviate the status of muslims around the world.

  6. Jerry says:

    Six million muslims are converting to christianity in a year world wide. But islam is growing in europe. It is only due to migration and high fertility rates of muslims . Christianity is growing through conversion. Un offical data shows that there are 70- 120 million christians in china. Ie china is now fifth biggest christian country in this world. At the begining of 20 th contury 85% christians in this world are europeans . But now 70% of christians are non europeans(latin americans, africans and asians).. 2011 sensus shows that 51% of africans are christians. Christianity is now majority in all continents except asia. Christianity is fastest growing religion in asia. What is happening in europe is the dirty plans of jews. They are trying to reduce christian population percentage. They are promoting secularism and liberalism among christians. They are welcoming muslims ,hindus, buddist and other eastern religions to europe for creating a multicultural society One day europeans will realise this fact and that will be the end of this jewish dominated world.and rise of christian world.

    • Josef says:

      Tx brother for the information someday we will conquer the world if Godwill

    • B.Ahmed says:

      Why you tell all lies.Read the report of daily mail on line & the Report of Welsh University
      2013: 70,000 White British accepted Islam & 30,000 non White.
      In Germany 45,000,in Italy 45,000, Spain 32,000 & in all EEC Country. in USA after 9/11 jumped from over two miilion to 6 Millions Mr Obama confirmed.
      Thank ALLAH, Buckiing Palace has a room for prayer & Many Lords & Peers New Muslims pray there. Read the Holy Quran by Dr.Mourice Bucaille,
      DR jerald F Dirks of Harvard university Bible study accepted Islam. Mr. John Breman
      CIA Director Candidacy is a Muslim. Dr Jeff Long a Muslim & many more.
      Stop telling all lies. Did you see what happened in Egypt. The London Premier Christian Radio said they needed 6000 copies of Bibles to convert Muslims to Christanity in Egypt.They handed one Bible to a Muslim & they killed 7 Christians( We donot agree)
      Stop lies,Stop lies. ALLAH may bless the population of Muslims.

  7. Jerry says:

    European union leaders are trying to create multicultural pagan community. They are devotees of pagan godesses Europa, from which the name of europe derived from. They hates christianity. Now in 2011 european school calender did not mentioned christian festivals. But jewish,islamic , hindu festivals are mentioned.They hate christian God . God of abraham, issac and jacob and they hate christians who are trust worthy to this almighty God. They are adoring Lucifer. The Satan. For them lucifer (satan) is god of enlightment , who enlightend adam in paradise. But as per christian belif satan cheated adam and tempted him to eat the prohibited fruit and God expelled him from paradise. But they will not succeed. God will destroy tbeir plans. Christians should awake world wide to put an end to their wicked plans. Glory to the God of abraham, issac and Jacob. Glory to our Lord jesus the only saviour of humanity and christianity is the only way to our God.

    • Muhammad Elijah says:

      “God of abraham, issac and jacob” Muslims worship God of Abraham(as),Ishmael(as),Isaac(as), so Islam will remain a constant obstacle to worship of satan.

      • Muslim Bro says:

        Islam is the only religion of One God. Christianity became polluted with idea of trinity and idolatry and pagan rituals.

  8. Adam Shelby says:

    I am a recent convert to Islam and I love the morality, civilization, family values and much more of the religion. Numbers do not matter Brothers and Sisters. What really matters is the truth and people, if they read, will see that. The West might be mighty right now, but we have the better culture. What countries have the biggest inmate populations? What countries have the biggest AIDs epidemics? What countries have the most crime? What countries have the most wars and try to dominate other so called “Third World peoples?” What countries have the highest divorce rates? I could go on and on. . . Get out there and do duwah, save people, but don’t force them–there is no compulsion in Islam. The best thing we can do–this is what saved me-is get the word out about our beautiful religion, which is truth. Quality not quantity my Brothers and Sisters!

    • welcome brother Adam *hugs* i’m very glad to hear your news. and jazakallah (may Allah be pleased with you) for the insightful comment you have left here.

      I agree with most of what you say. number do not matter. But it is sad to see so many who have been privelaged enough to be born into Islam leave it 😦

      • Muslih Mohamed Ismail says:

        Dear Brother’s and Sister Islam,

        We have get united. The Prophet Mohamed (may peace and blessings be upon him) said, if you follow the Quran and Sunnah then no body can misguide. We have to return to the truth. Islam is being attacked partly because of us. We being Muslims, do not follow its commandment. Who care’s when we don’t care about selves.

        Muslih Mohamed Ismail
        Brother from the Republic of Maldives

    • nothing can be said after your words

      and Alhamdullilah after a whole year + of that article

      the rate of Muslims Leave Islam to other decreases a lot

      also we as a Muslim community must work harder & harder

      to describe our pure great religion to non Muslims , and to those whom willing to convert

      and even among us , that will increase our faith & believe inside our souls

    • B.Ahmed says:

      Dear Adam, As Salamu Alaikum, Even Now Buckingham palace has allocated a room for prayers where Lords & peer & others pray on Friday Jumma. Islam is a growing Religion But Non Muslims tell lies. With you many Scientists Even Dr.Jerald Dirks who used to teach Bible in Harvard University accepted Islam. You can check him on line.
      Greatness of ALLAH SWT. ALLAH will bless all Muslims & render happniess to them.

  9. Ivan says:

    I used to live in Russia- though I admit I am not a Muslim (I am a Christian)- but I can say that many Muslims outside of the southern regions are typically called ‘Soviet Muslims’- i.e., Cultural Muslims, who came from an ethnic group that was traditionally Islamic, but they themselves know nothing of Islam. Many do convert after seeing the senseless terrorists attacks- though many of them reain ‘Soviet Christian’, in the style that they know little about Christianity, many others become more devote than the typical Russian Christian.

    I came to the conclusion that the idea that Islam will be dominate in Russia soon is a lie told by the Kermlin to scare its people into following them, and to scare its people into having more children. While I believe the first reason is evil, the second reason would be a good outcome for the country- Russia needs more sons.

  10. Real Madrid says:

    Within 15 years Satanism Terrorism Islam sect will disappear, because all Muslims will leave the sect of Satan Terrorism (Islam) and they will return in the way of God in the Christian religion, of all people worldwide will be converted to the true religion of GOD to CHRISTIANITY, every year more than 32,000,000 people convert to the Christian religion in the religion of God, every year 35,000,000 Muslims leave from Satanism Terrorism (Islam).
    The pace of conversions to the Christian religion is doubled every year is increasing rapidly. In Africa from 2000 until 2007 are converted each year in the Christian religion 6,000,000 Muslims Africans, while since 2007 every year 8,000,000 Muslims in Africa converts to the Christian religion,in the religion of God, every year 2,000,000 African from other religions converted to the Christian religion, that results in Africa 10,000,000 people each year converted to the Christian religion.In Asia every year more 18,000,000 converts to Christianity , in Middle East every year 2,700,000 muslims converts to Christianity ,in Europe too every year 800,000 muslims converts to Christianity , in UK last year 200,000 muslims are converted to Chrisitanity .
    Christianity is the true Religion of God, Jesus Christ is Lord the true and the life,Jesus is the king of kings.
    Islam666 is a Satanism Religion formed by Satan , Allah666 is Satan , Fake prophet Muhammad he is to SATAN,they are in Hell.

    Watch this video in youtube and you can see with your eyes the Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Sign of crucified Christ above Russia. GOD BLESS

    • wait a minute bro… fantastic statistics you got there 🙂 where do you get them from?

    • rashid khan says:

      Real Madrid knows nothing about ISLAM and history

      Hitler no 1 terrorist who killed more than 6 million jews
      Stalin no 2 terrorist killied and expelled millions of people including muslims
      Musolini no 3
      US GOVT killed millions of innocent people in japan by atomic bombing in japan
      US GOVT AGAIN vietnam,afgan,iraq ……..killed millions including children and old women


      • tim says:

        Rashid Khan you make an okay argument when saying how Bin laden did not kill more people than Hitler or Stalin. However, if you study Hitler and Stalin you will learn that actually they departed from Christianity. Hitler by the time he became dictator hated Christianity, Stalin became an atheist before takin over russia. It is true they were born into Christian family’s but they themselves were not Christian most of their lives.

    • sherif says:

      man, you are biggy G:))
      dude where did u get those numbers?
      if you have any prove , that will perfect..:)
      but i know that u will never had… that is obvious
      Pls man go get educated and study ISLAM WELL
      u can mean converting angelican church to orthodox ., that is another thing..
      dude, go study a little bit..

    • doesnt matter says:

      you are not real madrid you are a fake madrid,see whats happening around,whats happening in your churchs…paedophelia,gay marriges,lesbianism on name of free society,i advice you read about islam and you will feel the difference,don”t look at muslims,just look at islam religion.may ALLAH keep you in peace

    • hamza says:

      Brother you may have your own view but it does not give you the right to disgrace Islam. This is what Islam teaches us ” have patience towards criticism and don’t act hasty as you are not allowed to disgrace others”

  11. All this Republics have their own presidents, own national flag, own parliaments, hymn and all other things that an independent state needs. These republics are not Russian linguistically, they have their own culture, traditions and religion:

    The Adygea Republic
    The Tatarstan Republic
    The Chechnya Republic
    The Dagestan Republic
    The North Ossetia
    The Bashkortostan Republic
    The Karelia Republic
    The Altai Republic
    The Kabardino-Balkaria
    The Buryatia Republic
    The Chuvash Rebublic
    The Ingushetia Republic
    The Kalmykia Republic
    The Karachayevo-Circassian Republic
    The Khakasia Republic
    The Komi Republic
    The Mari Republic
    The Mordovian Republic
    The Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
    The Tyva Republic
    The Udmurtia Republic


    It is only Putin’s bloody regime, that does not tolerate freedom of speech, makes them afraid to speak about this.These republics are in fact independent, they are not Russians and never want to be. Chechnya for example has already issued a declaration of independence, that is one step away recognition. How cynical can you be to demand independence for regions in Georgia and not to allow this for republics in Russia.

  12. Assalamu ‘alaykum! This article may help the readers here about the nature of Islam-Russia interaction.

  13. noorriddeen says:

    According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion by number of conversions each year. In the period 1990-2000, approximately 12.5 million more people converted to Islam than to Christianity.

  14. What if ISLAM GROWS OR PERISHES.who bothers about it. Not the least the MUSLIMS.Because an avid Muslin revels in terrorism, sacrilegious activities and in aping western satanic cultures.Unless muslims themselves repents for their unislamic ways of life, no use of worryong over the sad declining trend.

  15. Amin Abdelle says:

    Asselamualeykum wrwb.The number doesnot matter in Islam.we may peased if we about high number of muslims in certain country rejecting problems among us e.g how to invite our brothers be coming Muslims,teaching them islamic educn..,even our selves being aperfect muslim etc.ALLAH swa promise his prophet Muhammed(pbh) to full Islam in Holly Qur’an.Example many Ethiopians be coming muslims are Christians who know more about their religion. Celvers come to true religion and those who only simply born in islam may rarely go in darker.I strongly ask Allah to make Muslim one.

  16. meme says:

    those who say that numbers dont matter are living in pink..numbers do matter in islam. the prohet mohamed “sala allah ou allahi wa salam” was asked by a man if he could marry a women who did not give birth and the prophet said no, it is better to marry a women who does give birth to spread islam. if we do become a minority how do you think islam will servive? if a christian contry goes into war with muslims how do you think muslims can defend themselves if they had minimal numbers? islam needs to spread alot more in terms of conversions. because converts tend to be more religious becasue they educate themselves with the religion before converting. but islam unfortunatly is based on numbers of fertility among illeterate and poor people who cannot even read the quran so with anny christian preaching they can become christians easily as they dont know much about islam. numbers,education and converts are the key to maintaining islam as a important religion

  17. sajid khan says:

    So many sick minded people commented above

    people know nothing about islam yet they say anything blindly

    “it is not their eyes which are blind but their heart.” Qur’an

  18. sajid khan says:

    “If you killed any innocent person it is as though as you killed
    whole of humanity and if you saved any person it is as though
    as you saved whole of humanity.” Qur’an

  19. sajid khan says:

    1. Say: He is Allah the One and Only;
    2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    3. He begetteth, not nor is He begotten;
    4. And there is none like unto Him.

  20. sajid khan says:

    If you really want to know islam read QUR’AN and decide yourself
    but don’t abuse any religion and respect all religion and live with peace
    for you your faith and for me my faith
    respect every individual
    ISLAM means PEACE

    May GOD (ALLAH , ISHWER) give you hidaya (understanding)

  21. Mohawiyah says:

    “… And peace will be upon him who follows the Guidance!”
    (20:47 the Holy Quran)

    “And with HIM are the keys of all that is hidden, none knows them but HE. And HE knows whatever there is in (or on) the earth and in the sea; not a leaf falls but HE knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry but is written in a Clear Record.”
    (6:59 the Holy Quran)

    “It is HE Who sent His Messenger (Muhammad peace and blessings of ALLAH be upon him) with Guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the polytheists (mushrikoon) hate (it).
    (9:33 the Holy Quran)”

    “O you who believe! Fear ALLAH and keep your duty to HIM. And let every person look for what he has sent forth for the morrow, and fear ALLAH. Verily, ALLAH is all-Aware what you do.
    And be not like those who forgot ALLAH and HE caused them to forget their ownselves. Those are the rebellious (fasiqoon).
    Not equal are the dwellers of the Fire and the dwellers of the Paradise. It is the dwellers of the Paradise that will be successful.”
    (59: 19-20 the Holy Quran).

  22. tim says:

    I admit I do not know much about Islam, I am a practicing, very religious Christian, but I do ask, isn’t Islam predestined or predetermined or something like that. So, in my opinion, does it matter, if everything is already determined by Allah a while ago, why worry or care, no matter what you’ll either end up in paradise or hell.

  23. Bora C says:

    I often wondered, if i were to blindly become a Christian, who, among the three gods of Christianity as portrayed by the self contradictory Trinitarian concept, do i worship? Certainly the pure monotheistic teaching of Muhammad is more appealing and more rationale to all sound minds devoid of prejudice.

  24. Brother says:

    According to BBC, CNN, RT and the Guiness book of World Records Islam is the fastest growing religion through conversions… And indeed people all over the world are converting to Islam in numbers despite the media showing false, bad news about Islam. Allahhu Akhbar! (God is Great!)

  25. sulaiman puma says:

    We the africans especially nigeria are having a large number of christians converting to ISLAM everytime,especially in the month of RAMADAN in which the whole month is devoted with reciting and translating the QUR’AN,ALHAMDU LIL LAH.

  26. Sulaiman puma says:

    The PROPHET MUHAMMAD(SAW) SAID: Before the last day, ISLAM will enter every house on the earth weather its made up of from animal skin or earth. HADITH.

  27. it’s a great idea in your thesis and paper. from indonesia, will support developing islam in russia and all countries. i’m interesting to discuss (in-depth)

    Adi Dzikrullah Bahri

  28. Malo Misli says:

    If I were a Muslim living in the Ruski Federacija after the Beslan seige, I would say I was a Christian too in order not to be deported to Tangusta!

    Its pretty obvious if these “statistics” were true.

  29. Gul harun says:

    The future of Islam in russia sounds great inshallah the non muslims of russia mostly the females have realized their safety in islam as it covers their privacy and gives them their identity as a better mother, wife, sister and daughter and not mere an object of sex or prostitute the millions of young womens in europe and usa came into islame to live a sacred and pure life because islame covers their body and does not allow them to sell their private to strangers and ramble like animals who comes into islam those who have reason and understanding and those who leave islam are people who have gone astray and seek immediate pleasures while actually the heavenly truth is that the ultimate pleasures of this world and the world hearafter has a key place in islam alone

  30. Shariq Abideen says:

    That was a ridiculous and utterly laughable attempt of posting a fake article with a fake muslim name with a fake cooked-up story. You guys ought to do better than this bullshit. You cant even spell “the most Gracious” and “Alhamdullillah” correctly and you expect me to read all that crap. Dont be that much scared morons ! Instead try to convince converted muslims what is still good in you and your religion, if you can find any, and try to convert them back to Christianity. Good Luck with that, Losers ! LOL!

  31. Ukashat Rajab says:

    Salamu alaikum my muslim brothers. I want to know about Islam in russia , I want to study there (insha Allah) but I want to know how the strength of Islam is there. its in kursk one of the states in russia .pls kindly help me with information. Jazakalahu khairan my brothers!


    Dude… no one liked Muslims!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE WORLDS BIGGEST DISGRACE!!!!! THEY ARE BANNED IN IRELAND AND LATVIA FOR A REASON!!!!!!! Middle east is the poorest region in the world and is the least visited region!!! C’mon white people, lets go “caruppa” IRAQ OR AFGHANARABIA!!!!! you guys are the WORST OF ALL PEOPLE….. I DREW A PICTURE OF MUHAMMED… Hes white and is pointing a gun at him self wishing he never founded dirty islam….
    Oh ya By the way…… STOP SPREADING ISLAM…. you guys are starting to act like Jehova’s Witnesses..

  33. Johna says:

    yes muslims are bad news but if we poison them… THEYD GO QUICKER!!!!!!!!
    1)Rat posion cause in France, we call the rats (They are rats)
    2) Deoderant (They smell all the time, they must be allergic to)
    3) Muhammed (They hate drawing him, must be afraid of him)

  34. John says:

    I would like to see more muslims convert to Christianity. 🙂

  35. mohamed azharudeen says:

    somebody is telling ‘jesus is God’ and ‘ Jesus is son of God’ both had no proof in bible and Jesus didn’t told like that. But Jesus was sent by God proof in bible (mathew).

  36. B.Ahmed says:

    Dear Readers, I greet you all in Islamic manner” AS SAlamu Alaikum” May peace be on you
    & may ALMIGHTY ALLAH guide you all on truth.
    yes, about two decade ago, The world Muslim population was about 1.5 Billion . But in last two decades Islam grew up to 2.! Billion as per statistic of 2013.
    The Famous converted Muslims are: Dr.Kieth Moore, Dr.Jeffery Lang, Dr. Mourice Bucaille ,
    Dr Jerald F.Driks of Biblical studies ,Harvard University USA Mr. John Breman director CIA USA.
    & many More. Because They Discovered Holy Quran has no contradiction with Science;
    Holy Quran contains The genetic History, Quantum Physics, The ozone layers, Petroleum,
    The layers of Eyes, The duration of Rotation of Venus & Mars. communication of ants, Even the world Television appeared in Surat an Nami 1400. What Holy quran contained 1400 Years ago, science is discovering only in recent past. Holy Prophet Mohammed was the First Holy Prophet to journeyed to the seventh Heaven ( First space traveller) . Holy Prophet Mohammed (MSAS) Split the moon This is confirmed by Mr Tom Water NASA National Space centre.
    Holy quran is the Miracle of all Miracles.
    In March 2013, Daily Mail On Line stated over 100,000 White British accepted Islam. Islamic population in USA is 6 million jumped from !.5 Million.
    I invite all christians to read Holy quran . Even Sir Isacc Newton believed in ONE ALMIGHTY GOD. Said trinity is a fraud & Holy Jesus was a Human & Prophet , had no quality of ALMIGHTY GOD & truth was also told by the ST.Barnabas in his Gospel. Also Please read the Gospel.
    May ALLAH SWT show mercy on us & retain us on the path of truth.
    Thank You.
    Badr Ahmed FCCA

  37. Muslih Mohamed Ismail says:

    Masha Allah, May Almight Allah bless you with goodness brother B. Ahmed. Oh’ our dear Human; Who do you think, would know about you more than your creator? are you sound minded, to think that you were created by a man like you? Or are you sound minded to think that you were created by an idol that you made with your own hands?

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