Women’s Hijab Banned: Tunisia Government Crushing Islam

Tunisia Muslim Women Hijab ban police assaultBismillah,
France ban on wearing hijabs (headscarves) in schools and British MP Jack Straw’s comments against veils drew worldwide Muslim condemnation while being widely publicized by the mainstream media. Now Tunisian Government has enforced a law that states women in Tunisia can no longer cover their heads according to Islamic teachings by wearing the hijab! But unlike France or England majority of the Muslims worldwide haven’t even heard about Tunisian Government’s deadly and preposterous ban let alone condemned it.

The Tunisian government has succeeded in keeping the news away from the Muslim masses outside of its borders. As expectable Western Governments or the international media downplayed the Tunisian governments preposterous law that grossly violates basic human rights, fearing of uproar amongst the already frustrated Arab Muslims would fuel the emergence of Islamic governments in place of west dependent despotic Arab regimes. More pathetic was the indifference from few non-Tunisian Muslims privy to the illusive news item.

Tunisia Women Hijab VeilOwing to its French colonial legacy Tunisia is the most western Arab-Muslim country. This is reflected by Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ali enforcing the ban and describing the hijab as “a sectarian form of dress, which had come into Tunisia uninvited!” Observers say recent years have seen an increase in Islamic sentiments among Tunisians and the increasing number of women starting to wear the hijab despite government efforts to stem the revival of Islam had caused them to move towards banning the hijab.

However justifying the hijab ban on “sectarian” grounds is absurd in a society where 98% of the population is Muslim. This ban also violates basic personal freedom guaranteed by the Tunisian constitution which also states Tunisia is an “Islamic country”. Added to this the law brazenly violates the basics rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that everyone has the right to freedom of religion and choose the clothes which suit him/her. Most of all the hijab is a religious requirement in Islam and every woman should have the right to practice her religious beliefs.

France Muslim Women Hijab protestIn fact the Government is crushing Islam in Tunisia while at the same time trying to avoid charges of being un-Islamic. In the 1990s President Ben Ali crushed Tunisia’s Islamic opposition party when fighting erupted in neighbouring Algeria between Islamic movements and the military Government. He has forbidden Dawah activities in Tunisia and stipulated only personnel appointed by the Government may lead activities in mosques and that mosques must remain closed except during prayer times and other authorized religious ceremonies, such as marriages or funerals.

The current hijab debate, which started earlier this year and dating back to a 1981 government circular has ended in a dangerous crackdown on any woman, girl or child wearing a Hijab. It has even included the Hijab-clad ‘Fulla’ dolls, which inspired millions of Muslim girls worldwide. Last month Tunisia security forces raided soft-toy shops across the country to withdraw the ‘Fulla’ dolls.

Muslim Tunisia Hijab Arab Girls“Sign here, take this piece of rubbish off your head and go home! Never ever think of going back to school with it. Right now, I am going to attach it to this sheet of paper in which you declared your full compliance with circular 108. Don’t you understand! There is no place in our schools for fundamentalists. We are a modern country!” Fatima the 18-year-old school girl stood as if pinned to the ground in a state of bewilderment, listening carefully to a zealot policeman whose sole mission has been to frighten and punish women, university students and schoolgirls who challenge the hijab ban and force to sign a form, which says they will never ever wear the hijab again.

Many Tunisians are upset by the ban but they fear to protest, as the Tunisian Government does not tolerate dissent.

However are we going to stand idly while anti-Islamic forces are at work against Islam in Muslim Tunisia? Please consider signing the petition to eliminate the Hijab ban in Tunisia and spread the news to stop this ban once and forever, because once one Muslim country bans the Hijab then many are likely to follow.

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48 Responses to Women’s Hijab Banned: Tunisia Government Crushing Islam

  1. Aziza says:

    This is very horrible, how can you ban something that is required by religion. Especially in a country that is supposedly Islamic. Its a lot of people want to go to hell… or create some sort of world oppression against muslims. It was done to Jewish people, why repeat it?

  2. hijabs says:

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  3. zoi says:

    It is a great shame that a country like Tunisia is doing this. a country that has a large Muslim population; i simply cannot understand why or how they could ban the hijab. IF Muslim countries start doing this what should we expect from non-muslim governments and countries for that matter. This is a very serious issue i think.

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  5. Fred Nile says:

    Hope it works out ok.

  6. Hannah says:

    It seems to me that the most progressive, pleasant, civil muslim countries are usually also the countries that tend to place restrictions on hijab and discourage people from wearing it. E.g, Turkey and Tunisia.

    Perhaps there’s a correlation between widespread presence of hijab and other such “badges” of gender aparteid and the more repressive, ugly aspects of political islam???

  7. John says:

    Here in Australia I was appalled to see someone driving wearing the niqab, that I believe should be illegal.
    I really have no problems with muslims wearing the hijab in Tunisia or any other muslim country. On the other hand the sooner the rest of the civilised world bans all symbols of islam the better. Mosques, minarets, islamic beards, and yes the hijab. All the vile symbols of your phoney religion.

    • Stephen Pryor says:

      Thats ignorant of you. You insist on niqab prohibition? Someone who is trying their best to make it into heaven, following holy literature, stumbles across an obstacle. Its funny…How you people “look down” on the hijab, BUT every image of Mother mary, has a scarf over her head. WAIT, nuns also. o shut up wanker

  8. Im shocked to see a country like Tunisia behaving in such an arrogant manner

  9. BintMuhammed says:

    Asaalamalykm and Hello….

    I have a reply to send for Mr John who wrote in on August 16th 2007 at 7:52pm….

    I suggest that you stop being sooo ignorant and maybe do some reading and gain at least some knowledge before you start judging Islam or what country is civilised and which one is not….

    And when i suggest you seek knowledge i don’t expect you to start looking through literature of propaganda rather look through authenticated literature that has not been meddled with….

    One more thing…..Which are the muslim countries? The ones that have been invaded upon by countries that YOU believe are civil??? If you believe that it is ok to practice Islam in those countries then do you believe that these countries should be left in peace?

    Its due to people with your attitude that cause problems for the Muslims nowadays….those who hold no real knowledge and judge to what they deem as right? when you really hold no proof?

  10. lisa roscoe says:

    Yalla! Such ignorance cannot be ignored. For Hanna who thinks the hijab is gender apartheid-??? The hijab does not prevent women from participating in society equally with men, as apartheid suggests apartness, and of course women and men live, work and go about their daily lives together. It is also a choice, and I know many women who choose to forgo the hijab and many men who support that choice. Of course misogyny (spel?) and sexism exist everywhere-not just in the Middle East. So let’s not make the hijab a tool of repressive Islam when in fact veiling is an ancient tradition in many cultures. In addition to which, I am living in Cairo and going to school here, I find the people lovely, welcoming and yes, pleasant. Perhaps you never visited Egypt, or perhaps you like your travel watered down to be more like home, so that you do not become “uncomfortable.” Just because the hijab is not your way does not mean it is the wrong way. Lisa Roscoe

  11. Jeff Blum says:

    John is a scumbag from australia. So his stands are perfectly understandable – white aussies are illiterate redneck and backwards.

    • shroomy says:

      An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. While its understandable to be frustrated by “John’s” ignorance, it doesn’t justify making ignorant comments in response.

  12. BintMuhammed says:

    I am no one to judge on who or what John is or to generalize with all the Aussies but what i do know is that what he had said was completely out of order and just showed that he has no understanding and that he has proved his ignorance and by doing so has maybe given us a bad view on the Aussies…..i just hope that he thinks before he speaks the next time he decides to write an ignorant message as he did!

  13. Jeff Blum,
    I think Australians will find your above comment just as ignorant as John’s. Your comment will only help reinforce the prejudice and misconceptions John has about us.

    “white aussies are illiterate redneck and backwards.”
    As a matter of fact, I’m sad to say it’s the Muslims who are illiterate and backward. According to statistics half of the Muslim Ummah is illiterate.

    The Australians are amongst the most literate and advanced people on earth. But yes, many Aussies seem to have a lot of prejudice and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.

  14. BintMuhammed says:

    You dont have to be literate to know about Islam or worldly matters. And we all know ways in which statistics can be tampered with and how they are inaccurate in many ways. Not to forget to mention about majority of the Muslim Ummah have the issue of not being able to afford education so hence may be one of the many reasons that they may even be completely ignored within the statistics!
    Im sure many of us know of literate people who have flaws just like the illiterate people but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any knowledge….you don’t have to be literate to understand.

  15. masha khan says:

    i luv wearng hijab

  16. BintMuhammed says:

    Alhumdullillah i completely agree with you sister, wearing the hijab is one of the best decisions i have ever made and would never go back on Inshallah….May Allah (SWT) guide you and the Muslim Ummah Inshallah…..

  17. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  18. BintMuhammed says:

    What don’t you agree with? and why?

  19. MusliMaH says:

    assalamu alaykum. sisters and brother wala i fear for our religion. for one thing muslims are not united there are the one’s who think wearing hijab is extreme and one;s who are fighting for it! pls lets make dua thats the least we could do right now. our religion is being hijacked by cruel people. nd people only believe what they see from muslims. they will not sit there and seek education about islam. we must show possitive manners and love for our religion despite the current affairs. its too sad to see muslims divided some not even claiming to be muslims. i dont to be crucial but if u are not supporting allah’s religion then it doesnt need u ! salams i wish the best for my brothers and sister

  20. MUSLiMAH says:

    listen ignorent folks if u have nothing positive to say about islam i believe u should dismiss urself. we dont need narrow empty minded ignorent ppl. islam doesnt need ur insult. whatever u say or do Islam will still stand and there nothing u could do about it! Allah has said in his holy book of quran: if you have a plot, plot against me! so whatever dispute u have take it on wit him. his religion has been going strong for ceturies and is the fastest growing religion in the world . u think ur lame insults will have an impact…well guess what …ur thoughts or bs dont really count…and most important of all get a LIFE!. because if i were to talk shit about others religions i would have alot to say. but of course we “real” muslims have something called “minds” nd we use it to the full advantage and dont say crap abt other ppl.because we are what u call….civil..look it up in the dictionary nd apply it in ur life. Islam will overcome the ignorence and hatred. nd u will no longer opress its people. Insha Allah

  21. DARKSTAR says:

    It is most unfortunate that satanic forces disguised as secular are trying to weaken our great religion. I think Muslim women have every right to wear the hijab if they wish to do so.

    Governments should mind their own business and get on with the work of governing the country, rather than telling Muslim women what they can and cannot wear.

    I am with Msulim women’s right to choose to wear the hijab if it they wish to do so. I pray for Muslims all around the world….and I wish them peace and happines.

  22. Sarah says:

    I agree to most of those comments. Any girl that is in any country should be allowed to wear a hijab. The hijab is not hurting anyone it is actually protectign the women out there.

    Also, it is said in the Quran that it is one of the girls duty to wear the hijab and making them takign it off is a big sin. i believe that all musilms and anybody that is interested to becomign a musilm to help keep our religion. Our religion is disapperaing everyday, girls are made to take off their hijab, people are making front of our prophet. They are trying to take away our religion from us but all muslims out there reading this we have to stay strong and not let them take over our religion.
    Also we have to show what our religion is about. It is about PEACE it is not fro violence and fighting. If you people would just open your eyes and see what us musilm and our eligon islam goes through everyday. People look at us as if were not humans. We are all created from god and we are all created equal. So no culture no religion should think that there religon is better than the other because we are all humans and we need to stay togethr to keep this world together.
    This world has turned upside down. Inoccent people are gettign killed everyday. We need to stopp this violence and stay as a whole.

    Thank You For Your Time

  23. the Tunisian says:

    hijeb= radikalism
    radikalism + no fuel= pauvrety
    eample egypt, soudan, afghanistan.
    hijeb is not welcome in countries trying to improove their economies with limited human and mineral ressources (Tunisia, Turkey).
    people may work and produce, personally I think that the only fact to see a woman with hijeb is disgusting.

    • ConcernedPerson says:

      So now you are guys are trying to sell ur daughters and sisters like in Thailand.
      Hijab is not an option it is must.It prevents women being looked at their cleavages and other parts..So that what u like men staring at ur sisters and daughters cleavages.Iam not insulting u.This in general to all.

    • Sami says:

      First of all Tunisian, you really need to learn how to spell and speak English properly, but aside from that, hijab is not outdated…with the objectification of women and a man’s nature, hijab is necessary (or dressing modestly at least). The economy has nothing to do with a woman wearing hijab…what a stupid analogy and if you’re disgusted with women wearing hijab, then obviously you have issues…may Allah help you…

  24. ADAM says:

    Of course beauty, respect and modesty won’t be accepted. Whats accepted now is booty shorts and sexual indulgences. To the women who dress properly God bless you and to the opposer’s I’ll see you on the battlefield!

    “Anas (ra) related that the Prophet (pbuh) said: There will come a time for people that to hold onto one’s religion would be like holding a hot coal in one’s hand.” – Ahmad, Musnad, Tirmidhi.

  25. aisha says:

    I am horrified and saddened to see so called ‘muslims’ who are so ignorant of the teachings of the Quran. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that it is necessary to cover the head. Neither ,Sarah, does it say that “is said in the Quran that it is one of the girls duty to wear the hijab and making them takign it off is a big sin”

    The head covering is NOT our religion, and thank God for that, or it would be a very shallow one.
    Adam “To the women who dress properly God bless you and to the opposer’s I’ll see you on the battlefield!” I dress properly, as enjoined by Allah. and I do not wear a headscarf.

    I would hope that people who are crying out to love Islam so much as to go to the ‘battlefield’ would at least read their own teachings.

    God says in the Quran that we al l should dress modestly. For women, he adds that the bosoms should be covered with the Khimar.

    Please be aware that young muslims and converts hear your coments and believe that the headscarf is a must. This is a grave sin to propagate this belief, as it puts words in Gods mouth – words the creator never ever said

    • Sami says:

      Sister, hijab is in the Qur’an. Khimar means a head covering, covering your hair and your chest…It is also in an authentic Hadith, when the Prophet (PBUH) said to Asma (RA) when she reached puberty to show only her hands and face, meaning that there was a head covering…If you don’t want to wear hijab, it’s your choice sister, but please don’t decieve the other people and say it is not required…Please do not speak of something you do not have knowledge of because ignorance is already widespread; we don’t need anymore…Also, read Surat Al Nisa…also Christian and Jewish women are supposed to cover too, so educate yourself on history as well…

  26. Johanna says:

    I’m a Seventh-day adventist christian, and a fond beleiver in Religious Liberty. I understand very well what does it feel to be discriminated for your religious beliefs. I humbly think that the relationship between men/women and God is personal and intransferable, therefore, any form of goverment should not rule over the expression of that intimate and personal relantionship.
    We as SDA christians face the discrimation over our day of worship in almost all the 200 countries where we are. In my very delimited muslim context I understand that the hijab is one of the external expressions of an individual decision of following the muslim faith. Therefore, it should be respected by natives and foreigns, by goverment and religious leaders. The decision of the Tunisian authorities to prohibit this personal expression of faith, should be regarded as a loss of their own so called religious freedom. The Constitution of Tunisia supposevely provides this freedom, then, is not this ban unconstitutional?
    May God lead us all to His truth.

  27. Shefeeq says:

    No. 2761 – Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

    The ‘Prophet said, “It is obligatory for one to listen to and obey (the ruler’s orders) unless these orders involve one disobedience (to Allah); but if an act of disobedience (to Allah) is imposed, he should not listen to or obey it.”

    May ALLAH give us the strength to stand by HIS deen & make us victorius against these enemies of Islam

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  29. Mohammad says:

    Hey people!! this picture was taken in Iran and THE GIRL DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE A MANDATORY HIJAB!!! police uniforms are quite easy to recognize for any Iranians. Please do not push your own agenda with falsehood and stolen picture.

  30. mohammed says:

    it does not matter where the picture was taken, the story is true & is what we should be focusing on.

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  32. hamdi says:

    first of all the police in that picture is not from tunisia and for anyone who talks about islam in tunisia come and see for your self mosques are built everyday throughout the country dont talk behind a computer just come and see dont listen to nobody we had some problem with the police but the people of tunisia not the government are muslim u like it or not

  33. ara says:

    not all what is written in this article is true. am tunisian, i know its not the truth, tunisia bans sectarian clothes not hijab, and itbans it just in schools, universities and offices, not everywhere. haram to accuse an islamic country this way, haram, haram, haram. who wrote this is spiteful. other thing, all pictures that r published in the article are not taken in tunisia, wallah al azeem : first one, our security men dont wear those uniforms. second picture, women hold banners written in english, in tunisia banners are written just in arabic and sometimes in french. last picture, those girls are not tunisians, they look asians, i know my people. haram what u are doing wallah haram

  34. Sayed Anwer A Khaledi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum
    I would like to request the Government of Tunis kindly don’t stop any muslim girl or women wearing hijab, veil are something according to your islamic religious & law. Being an Islamic country you have to support.

  35. muslim girl says:

    asallam aleikum to all my brothers and sisters of islam out there . first of all i want to ask aisha who calls her self a muslim am sorry to tell you that your not muslim or better yet go and educate your self us muslims we were told to follow all the sunnah and hadith of our belove prophet (s.a.w) and through his nolege he told us muslim woman to cover our selves yaani wearing hijab and to respect our selves .to respect is to cover our bodies and the fast thing to cover is our hair .our hair is our beaty so if we dont cover then we are doing zinnah and wich is haram and every muslim out there nows obout this i wonder why some peolpe who calls them selves muslim dont.jazaka allahu khairan to all muslims only

    • Muhammad Elijah says:

      As a son of a Burqa-wearing mother, I am proud of sisters like you. Muslimahs like you need to be more eloquent both in Arabi, or their native languages as well as English to be Daa’eeaat like Raabi’ah Basriyah.

  36. Muhammad Elijah says:

    Judaeo-Christian Godlessness isn’t a coincidence but a logical progression of the fact that both Judaism and Christianity deviated from their pristine states as preached by Moosaa (‘alaihis salaam) and ‘Eesaa(‘alaihis salaam) respectively.
    What we see in Muslim colonies of Christian invaders is nothing but Christian Godlessness transposed into Muslim psyche. The Truth of God is forver preserved in the spiritual fortress of Islam but Jews and Christians don’t want to be told that they are wrong.
    The secularisation of non-Islamic humanity is inevitable owing to the erroneous religions which produced non-Islamic civilisations.Historical Christendom is in the most firm grip of Antichrist as never before and only Islam can withstand the Godless world order of Antichrist.
    The following links may help you.
    For any queries regarding Islam, I look forward at:neorient@gmail.com

  37. ConcernedPerson says:

    Well the has colonized the Muslim countries.They have destroyed our principles and morals.In Tunisia,father’s permission is not necessary for girl to get married.In other so called Muslim countries.So whats next allow your sons &daughters to date any one the please.?India used to be a conservative society,look at it now.Its the 2nd in AIDS threat.
    Morality is really down.

  38. Zul says:

    hail the tunisian government!

    you people are so shallow, you expect the right to cover up. but you deny people the choice not to do so. what is this?

    you expect the right to build mosque as you please in europe but you deny people the same freedom to do so in muslim country

    you claim to be persecuted by non muslims but in muslim country you continually persecute non muslim

    why the double standard?

  39. Zul says:

    i agree with are who said “not all what is written in this article is true. am tunisian, i know its not the truth, tunisia bans sectarian clothes not hijab, and itbans it just in schools, universities and offices, not everywhere. haram to accuse an islamic country this way, haram, haram, haram. who wrote this is spiteful. other thing, all pictures that r published in the article are not taken in tunisia, wallah al azeem : first one, our security men dont wear those uniforms. second picture, women hold banners written in english, in tunisia banners are written just in arabic and sometimes in french. last picture, those girls are not tunisians, they look asians, i know my people. haram what u are doing wallah haram

    The first picture is NOT in Tunisia. It is those moral police catcing woman who CHOOSE to wear the hijab lightly. WHERE IS THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE TO CHOOSE? Islam= Double standard?

    There is no compulsion of religion and the prophet (pbuh) had pointed this out in the al quran. only allah is fit to judge. the rest of the people who wants to enforce their views are not! islam is peace . the prophet (pbuh) gave people rights. knot take it away.

    if peopel choose to wear it, so be it but if people choose not to, there likewise shouldnt be forced to do so

  40. barnebus katito says:

    assalamualaykum to all people

    its very sad indeed that the muslim population in tunsia, when islamic values were threatned NOTHING IS DONE,… i saw one of the above post that they ( people of tunsia) were scared to protested in denfence of the hijab, due to the harsh rule my bin kalab ben ali. and now when a couple of universty students or workers couldnt find work they protested in return ben ali ran for his life… IF THEY ARE WILLING TO STAND UP FOR FUTILE THINGS AND NOT FOR ISLAM.. WHAT IS LEFT OF US.. HOW WILL ALLAH LOOK DOWN UPON US.. AND DEFEND US AGAINST THESE WESTERN FOES?… MAY ALLAH HELP US… YOU BLOODY WEAK MUSLIMS…

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  42. Concerned Muslim says:

    I WONDER!!! How can a Human Being, who is created by Allah (s.w), DARE to Oppose Allah’s Directives? I SWEAR those who participate in Banning Islamic Hijab will be Answerable in the Day of Judgment Unless they REPENT. Muslim Community MUST STRONGLY Condemn and try to STOP this.

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