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War Against Islam in Tajikistan (A 98% Muslim Country!)

Tajikistan is a 98% Muslim country in Central Asia. It is also a very mountainous and landlocked country that lies to the north of Afghanistan. The population of this country is 7.6 million of which 80% are Tajik and 15% … Continue reading

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Islam in Russia: 2 Million Ethnic Muslims Leave Islam For Russian Orthodox Christianity

I begin in the name of Allah, the most graciousness, most merciful; From this article at 1 Muslim Nation I would like to bring the state of Islam in Russia to the notice of my conscious Muslim brothers and sisters. … Continue reading

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Muslim Syria BANS Islamic Face Veils (Niqab) At Universities

DAMASCUS, Syria — Syria has banned the face-covering Islamic veil from the country’s universities, as similar moves in Europe spark cries of discrimination against Muslims. The Education Ministry issued the ban Sunday, according to a government official who spoke on … Continue reading

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Doing Dawah In Non Muslim Country With An Islamic Bookstall In a Book Exhibition

In a country like Sri Lanka doing Dawah is not easy. Until recently I didn’t think it was possible to do dawah openly in Asia as some Muslims do in the west. In Asian countries specially like India, Sri Lanka, … Continue reading

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Shyatan Speaks At The Worldwide Convention Of Demons

Shyatan (Satan) called a worldwide convention of demons. In his opening address he said, “We can’t keep Muslims from going to Mosque.” “We can’t keep them from reading their Quran and knowing the truth..” “We can’t even keep them from … Continue reading

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Disposable Toilet Seat Covers To Be Clean In Public Toilets

Assalamu Alaikum, Toilet Seat Covers! This is just a sudden inspiration I got when I saw the picture you see here in Google images while I was looking for something else. We Muslims have to always be clean and ready … Continue reading

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