Muslims Are The Best Of Nations Raised For All Mankind

best country muslims“The Muslim Ummah has not been constituted to become just another nation among nations, to compete with others to advance its interests. No, it has been ‘raised for all mankind’. It is the ‘best community’ only if it serves their interests their foremost interest being that they should find guidance to the right path (3: 110). The ultimate objective of all worship and strivings is that Muslims should be ‘witnesses unto mankind’, witnesses to the Truth God has given them, witnesses to justice (qist) thus performing the same mission as Allah’s Messenger, blessings and peace be on him, performed (al-Hajj 22: 77-8; al-Nisa’ 4: 131-9; al-Ma’idah 5: 7-10).”

The above quoted paragraph is from a scholarly article about the Situation, Problems and Scope of Dawah to Non-Muslims in the West by Khurram Murad. It is a very good article and I recommend you to read it please.

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