How 1 Muslim University Student’s Dawa Efforts Revived Islam in France!

Part 1: Professor Sanaullah Khan Starter of Dawah Work in France

flag of franceOnce A professor went to France after a long time after returning back to India.

As soon as he landed in the airport it was prayer time, he went to mosque for prayer and was amazed to see a huge rush in the mosque.

He asked a man there why is there so much rush is there any meeting?  The man answered no daily our mosque will be filled like this for every prayer.

And he started explaining, we were ignorant of Islam, but a man by name Sanaullah (Professor Dr. Sanaullah Khan) came from India for his studies here and he was moved by seeing our lives. He started preaching Islam here and today Alhamdulillah almost all of us pray five times a day.

When professor heard this he started crying.

The man asked him why are you crying.

Another colleague of professor said that he himself is Professor Sanaullah.

When the French man heard this he too started crying and grasped professor and starting shouting “our guide to Islam is here, our guide to Islam is here ” .

Part 2: Professor Sanaullah Khan Sb of Aligarh (India) in France

paris masjid france

Grand Mosque in Paris City, France

Professor Sanaullah Khan sahab of Aligarh, India : He was a student when he used to go in Tabligh Jamaths. His parents were angry with him, thinking that he was neglecting his studies.

They decided to send him to France for his further studies. And he was sent to France. He could hardly find any mosque in France.

He then decided to meet Muslims and he could hardly find any one since no one followed Sunnath.

But a true Da’i (one who calls people towards Islam) will never step back even in the ocean of disbelievers.

He finally found some Muslims and was astonished to hear that they prayed Jummah (Friday) prayer on Sundays! Since Sunday was a holiday and everyone can attend it!

He began to preach Islam there and was able to bring back many Muslims to Islam and many non Muslims also reverted. Many Muslims and even Arabs were found to leave Islam there and were married to non-Muslims. For example if a husband is a Muslim his wife was Christian and they both lived in the same way.

Now Alhamdulillah, France is a place from where [Tabligh] Jamaths of 1 year also go to other countries for preaching Islam. And there are more than thousand Masjids now in a country which is called “Father of Fashion”.

Once a four month French Jamath came to a mosque near by my house and one new muslim was there with them.

He asked me whether I know Arabic, I said no. Then he asked me how do you understand Quran, I said I read in English. He said you can understand Quran better only in Arabic. As soon as i became muslim i first learned arabic. May Allah bless him and give me taufiq to learn Arabic. I have started some Arabic lessons………………………………………….

The [Tabligh Jamath] Amir of France Sheikh Yunus, always mention his story during bayan, how he came to Tabligh Jamath and how Professor Sanaullah did Tabligh to him.

Even Professor Sanaullah gave Bayan in Arabic in front of Arab brothers in Germany.

May Almight Allah give all these Daiyas more Hayat (long life) and Jannah (heaven). Ameen.

(The above Part 1 narration is from DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog who had in turn taken it from brothers who narrated and typed it on Sunni Forum. Part 2 is also from DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog post called DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog Prof Sanaullah Khan starter of Dawah work in France. JAZAKALLAH O KHAIR)

Hope reading this story will inspire you also to give Dawah to non-Muslims and Muslims inshallah.

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