66% of 1.5 Billion+ Muslims Want A United States of Islam!


The movement to rebuild the Khilafah or the united states of Islam by uniting all the 57 or so Muslim countries in the world today and creating the world’s biggest and only Muslim country according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) is supported by a strong majority of Muslims worldwide.

According to a WorldPublicOpinion.org poll survey published in 2007, two-thirds or 66% of 1.5 billion plus Muslims in the world would like to “unify all Islamic counties into a single Islamic state or caliphate.”

khilafah map caliphate

A map of the potential huge transcontinental Muslim country from http://www.khilafahislamic.blogspot.com

WorldPublicOpinion arrived at the above conclusion from findings from opinion polls and surveys in Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, and Indonesia, conducted from December 2006 to February, 2007 by WorldPublicOpinion.org with support from the START Consortium at the University of Maryland, USA. ( Source: Muslims Believe US Seeks to Undermine Islam –  http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/pipa/articles/brmiddleeastnafricara/346.php )

united islamic state

Map of the union of Muslim countries we made for the article - "A Proposal to Unite Muslim World – A Union of Muslim Countries (UMC)" at 1MuslimNation.com

united states of Muslims



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16 Responses to 66% of 1.5 Billion+ Muslims Want A United States of Islam!

  1. Ismail Sulaiman says:

    Alhamdullillah Allahuakhbar, Allah SWT Will accept and practicalised our prays.

    We need to have ” A COMPLETE ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION ” bases on Al Quranul Karim and the true teaching of Islam as practiced during Profethood and the Khalafah
    which will be use as an administrative guidance to all Islamic countries worldwide.

    I do hope our distinguish Islamic scholars and Imams will take it as their duties to Allah SWT to enable for A Khilafah States Worldwide.

    humble servant from Malaysia

  2. "khalid taweel" says:

    As we all know,those seeking a caliphate want World War 3 because this is about re-establishing an empire and you can only do that with war and conquest.So best wishes to you dreamers out there who want to wipe out the infidels because there are over five billion of us and that’s a lot of blood you’re gonna have to spill to make it happen.Being an infidel,I like our chances of winning if you guys decide on wanting global caliphate,we have the numbers,so please bring it on and we’ll see which side Allah is really on.

    Ain’t God Great?
    God Is Great!

    • ashrafanam says:

      Why should we want a World War 3, it’s Israel who wants World War 3 to extend its boundaries and become the ruling state of the world tomorrow like US today and Britain yesterday. The Caliphate is not an imperial state that it should be established through war.

  3. imran says:

    I would refuse to allow Malaysia to join any United Islamic States. I would prefer my country being a proud, democratic sovereign country thank you, not being dictated by foreigners. We spend half our time fighting each other, half of us don’t even get along well politically. We also have countries who have very liberal views of Islam (e.g. Central Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey) and other countries with very conservative views (e.g. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia). We have Shiite Islam, Sunni Islam, Wahhabi, Sufi etc. Whose version of Islam are we to follow? And supreme Khalifa??? Do you know how difficult it is going ot be to select a Khalifa? How are we to choose? My best bet is that countries liek Saudi Arabia and Iran will feel that they themselves deserve the right to lead the Ummah. Can you imagine the arabs agreeing to let an Asian Muslim, or a Shiite Muslim become the next Khalifa? No no no, the United Islamic States is a dream. It is unfeasable.

    • Khalid Leedtolean says:

      My goodness, this man has it the nail on the head. What Muslims are really good at is blaming everyone else for their problems. Yes, there are very rich Islamic countries. How are they doing helping the poorer countries. Not very good. The United States does a much better job of helping the poor and sick than any of the rich Islamic states. How can you think all the different countries could unite, when existing Muslim states, are slaughtering each other because they are from a different tribe? What happens when they are from a different country? Pi

  4. Ismail Sulaiman says:

    Dear brothers and sisters in Islam. assamulaikun warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Please read Al Quran and understand the Islamic principals that no one is above the others accept the one who was selected by Allah The Almighty. Regardless your colours and kinships.
    So be loyal to Allah SWT inorder to install the World United Islamic Nation. What happen if Al Mahdi .rise in the East, would the West goes estray ? We should be proud as a Muslim for one day Allah SWT has promise to assign a world Class Islamic Leader to guide us worldwide.
    Please let us stenghten our loyalty and taqwa at all time. Don’t under estimate others, may be they are better off than what you think. Allahu Akhbar. Subhanallah.

    I am replying to Mr.Imran’s statement.16.8.2011.

    Thank you
    Ismail Sulaiman Malaysia

  5. Khan says:

    That’s a nice post indeed. We can re-establish Khilafah, if we try.

  6. Mohamed fazil says:

    Yes, definitly black banners coming from east ……..
    And imam mahdi rule the world by islamic law and fill the earth justise and wealth….

    The time is approching ……..

  7. sajid khan says:

    Yes , We , All MUSLIMS will unite and make a single islamic nation and establish KHALIFATE

  8. rashid khan says:

    ALHAMDULILLAH , Truly ISLAM is the true way of life and world of ALLAH

  9. Ismail Sulaiman says:

    Are we all really ready to practice Islam as it was stated in The Holy Quran and the teaching from our Prophet Muhammad SAW ?

    What shall we do to obtain Blessing from Allah SWT and shafaat from Our Beloved Prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW on establishing an Islamic nation to unite among us as well as the non muslims worldwide?

    Let us focus to our minimum power in every one of us. Let us pray and recite zikirullah this coming Nisfu Shakban 2012. We need to do Sholat Hajat in groups at that specific time worldwide

    This is a first call to all muslims who wish for Khilafah.
    InsyaAllah Allahuakbar. .

  10. Ali says:

    Total support from Azerbaijan

  11. Zara says:

    I really want an Islamic state to arise but what can I do I’m young and a woman how can I help this dream become reality most of us want an Islamic state but how do we help ?ideas please !?most of all I’m afraid I’ll be dead before I can see our beloved Islamic state in power 🙂

  12. lobo says:

    it is time to push all muslims back into the sea.your presence on this earth is no longer needed for you bring nothing good to all of humanity.

  13. Azeem kmal says:

    Insh’allah WHOLE MUSLIM Country’s Become a 1 Nation and Beat the enemy of ISLAM

  14. asad says:

    time will come inshaallah

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