I Wanted To Change The World: For Muslims Who Want To Change The World

I’m a Muslim and I want to change the world. I want to unite all Muslim countries and make one super Muslim state of Khilafah as prophet Muhammad wanted us to be. If you are also a Muslim and want the same this poem might help you on the way as it helps me inshallah.

When I was a young man, I wanted to change the world.

I found it was difficult to change the world, so I tried to change my nation.

When I found I couldn’t change the nation, I began to focus on my town.

I couldn’t change the town, so I tried to change my family.

Now, as an old man, I know the only thing I can change is myself.

And suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family.

My family and I could have made an impact on our town.

Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.

Unknown monk from 1100 A.D.,

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If Muslims Are The Greatest Nation, Why Are We So Disunited, Humiliated And Weak?

best country in the world

Many people often ask the question, “If we (Muslims) are the greatest nation, as Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, why are we are so disunited, humiliated and weak?” Indeed, this is a question that every Muslim should be thinking about. And, indeed, Allah says in the Qur’an:

“You are the best nation ever raised up from mankind; you enjoin the good and forbid evil, and you believe in Allah.” (EMQ 3:110)

We are, without doubt, the greatest nation because Allah (SWT) has blessed us with the Deen of Islam – the Deen of Haq. Yet we are in a position today that can never be attributed to a nation such as ours. Why is this? Why is our honour being violated, our sanctity being taken away, our lands being divided, the Sharia not being implemented, why are Muslims being arrested and killed, and how are the Kuffar (disbelievers) able to get away with murder? Is it because the mosques are not full to their capacities? Is it because we are not doing enough dhikr? Is it because we are not an educated Ummah? Or is it because we are not integrating with the Kuffar?

Many individuals mistakenly claim that it is due to the above, but in reality they are diverting from the main cause of our decline. Muslims no longer wish to strive for this Deen. They wish they can go to Jannah (heaven) without any kind of struggle – which goes against what Allah (SWT) has promised in the Qur’an. If you want Jannah you must sacrifice and struggle for this Deen.

Should we not be referring to the Book of Allah and the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) to see what they said about our situation? This is, in actual fact, quite a simple principle for any Muslim to understand. Why should we make assumptions about the reasons for our decline according to our own minds and desires when we have the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) we refer to? Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an:

“And Allah did indeed fulfil His Promise to you when you were killing them (your enemy) with His Permission; until (the moment) you lost your courage and fell to disputing about the order, and disobeyed after He showed you which you love (victory over the Disbelievers). Among you are some that desire this world (the war booty) and some that desire the Hereafter. Then He made you flee from them (your enemy), that He might test you. But surely, He forgave you, and Allah is Most Gracious to the believers.” (EMQ 3:152)

This verse is addressing an incident that occurred during the Battle of Uhud. Allah (SWT) informs us that He did indeed fulfil His promise to the Believers until they disobeyed and disputed with one another. The Messenger Muhammad (SAW) ordered the archers who were placed on the mountain never to move from their position, even if they saw the Muslims being dragged across the floor. However, the Kuffar were losing a great number of casualties due to the strategic placement of these archers, so the Kuffar sought how they could lure them down from the mountain.

The Kuffar decided to tempt the believers with war booty and show that they were retreating from the battlefield. The moment the archers saw the booty and the Kuffar running away, they ran straight for the booty, thus disobeying the direct command of Rasoolullaah (SAW). The Kuffar then regrouped and made a counter attack, killing approximately seventy of the best Mujahideen.

Allah tested the believers on that day and showed them that victory is not in numbers or strength; rather it is from Allah (SWT). So if we disobey the ameer and the commands of Allah, He (SWT) will test us by allowing the Kuffar to have an upper hand over us, and unless we resist and rise against them, they will continue to have an upper hand over us, violate our sanctity and occupy our lands.

Therefore, dear Muslims, unless we rise and work to remove the tawagheet, they will always have an upper hand over us – as a test from Allah (SWT). People try to put the blame on practising Muslims or even on the Shaitan. However, as people who refer to the Qur’an and Sunnah, Allah (SWT) informs us that it is our fault for not ruling by the Book of Allah and rising against the Kuffar and Tawagheet. The apostate rulers want you to blame Shaitan and yourselves as it diverts any blame away from them.

It is about time for us to think about the affairs of the Ummah and the Deen of Allah instead of ourselves. We must actively be working to overthrow the kufr regimes and implement the best sharia – the Sharia of Allah (SWT).

Source: From The Pulpit of the Supporters of Sharia – A website that endeavours to provide Islamic knowledge, information and resources.

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Muslims Are The Best Of Nations Raised For All Mankind

best country muslims“The Muslim Ummah has not been constituted to become just another nation among nations, to compete with others to advance its interests. No, it has been ‘raised for all mankind’. It is the ‘best community’ only if it serves their interests their foremost interest being that they should find guidance to the right path (3: 110). The ultimate objective of all worship and strivings is that Muslims should be ‘witnesses unto mankind’, witnesses to the Truth God has given them, witnesses to justice (qist) thus performing the same mission as Allah’s Messenger, blessings and peace be on him, performed (al-Hajj 22: 77-8; al-Nisa’ 4: 131-9; al-Ma’idah 5: 7-10).”

The above quoted paragraph is from a scholarly article about the Situation, Problems and Scope of Dawah to Non-Muslims in the West by Khurram Murad. It is a very good article and I recommend you to read it please.

The graphic poster is from www.thebestofnations.com

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How 1 Muslim University Student’s Dawa Efforts Revived Islam in France!

Part 1: Professor Sanaullah Khan Starter of Dawah Work in France

flag of franceOnce A professor went to France after a long time after returning back to India.

As soon as he landed in the airport it was prayer time, he went to mosque for prayer and was amazed to see a huge rush in the mosque.

He asked a man there why is there so much rush is there any meeting?  The man answered no daily our mosque will be filled like this for every prayer.

And he started explaining, we were ignorant of Islam, but a man by name Sanaullah (Professor Dr. Sanaullah Khan) came from India for his studies here and he was moved by seeing our lives. He started preaching Islam here and today Alhamdulillah almost all of us pray five times a day.

When professor heard this he started crying.

The man asked him why are you crying.

Another colleague of professor said that he himself is Professor Sanaullah.

When the French man heard this he too started crying and grasped professor and starting shouting “our guide to Islam is here, our guide to Islam is here ” .

Part 2: Professor Sanaullah Khan Sb of Aligarh (India) in France

paris masjid france

Grand Mosque in Paris City, France

Professor Sanaullah Khan sahab of Aligarh, India : He was a student when he used to go in Tabligh Jamaths. His parents were angry with him, thinking that he was neglecting his studies.

They decided to send him to France for his further studies. And he was sent to France. He could hardly find any mosque in France.

He then decided to meet Muslims and he could hardly find any one since no one followed Sunnath.

But a true Da’i (one who calls people towards Islam) will never step back even in the ocean of disbelievers.

He finally found some Muslims and was astonished to hear that they prayed Jummah (Friday) prayer on Sundays! Since Sunday was a holiday and everyone can attend it!

He began to preach Islam there and was able to bring back many Muslims to Islam and many non Muslims also reverted. Many Muslims and even Arabs were found to leave Islam there and were married to non-Muslims. For example if a husband is a Muslim his wife was Christian and they both lived in the same way.

Now Alhamdulillah, France is a place from where [Tabligh] Jamaths of 1 year also go to other countries for preaching Islam. And there are more than thousand Masjids now in a country which is called “Father of Fashion”.

Once a four month French Jamath came to a mosque near by my house and one new muslim was there with them.

He asked me whether I know Arabic, I said no. Then he asked me how do you understand Quran, I said I read in English. He said you can understand Quran better only in Arabic. As soon as i became muslim i first learned arabic. May Allah bless him and give me taufiq to learn Arabic. I have started some Arabic lessons………………………………………….

The [Tabligh Jamath] Amir of France Sheikh Yunus, always mention his story during bayan, how he came to Tabligh Jamath and how Professor Sanaullah did Tabligh to him.

Even Professor Sanaullah gave Bayan in Arabic in front of Arab brothers in Germany.

May Almight Allah give all these Daiyas more Hayat (long life) and Jannah (heaven). Ameen.

(The above Part 1 narration is from DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog who had in turn taken it from brothers who narrated and typed it on Sunni Forum. Part 2 is also from DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog post called DAWAT O TABLIGH & ISLAH blog Prof Sanaullah Khan starter of Dawah work in France. JAZAKALLAH O KHAIR)

Hope reading this story will inspire you also to give Dawah to non-Muslims and Muslims inshallah.

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War Against Islam in Tajikistan (A 98% Muslim Country!)

religion tajikistan mapTajikistan is a 98% Muslim country in Central Asia. It is also a very mountainous and landlocked country that lies to the north of Afghanistan. The population of this country is 7.6 million of which 80% are Tajik and 15% are Uzbek by ethnicity.

Not withstanding all these, I’m very sad to see Tajikistan today been governed by a staunchly anti-Islam and anti-Muslim dictator called Mr. Emomalii Rahmon who calls himself President of Tajikistan. He has been the leader of the country since 1994.

tajikistan president governmentThis anti-Muslim dictator Emomalii Rahmon and his regime now determines where mosques can be built and how many, and where Muslim sermons can be given, and even has censorship authority over religious literature (including material from abroad) and control over children’s religious education. Any faith group in Tajikistan must register with the state and get government permission to contact foreign religious groups. The anti-Islam Tajik regime relies heavily on investigations, arrests, and convictions to squelch all kinds of Muslim religious activity.

islam in tajikistanFurthermore, not only do our Tajik Muslim brothers and sisters suffer from the repression of their God given freedom to practice their religion but their country’s economy and their individual financial situations are also very bad. According to Wikipedia, Tajikistan was the poorest republic of the Soviet Union and is still poorest country in Central Asia as well as in the today independent 15 or so former Soviet Union countries.

Human Rights Watch on Religious Freedom in Tajikistan

The below excerpts from the 2013 World Reports about Tajikistan published by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) proves the case about the current dictatorial Tajikistan Governments war against the practicing of and the revival of Islam in Tajikistan.

HRW says, “The government persisted in 2012 with enforcing a repressive law on religion, and introduced new legislation further restricting religious expression and education.”

“The steady tightening of state controls led rights groups, religious groups, and international bodies in 2012 to continue to criticize the highly controversial Parental Responsibility law, which President Emomali Rahmon signed in August 2011. The law stipulates that parents must prevent their children from participating in religious activity, except for state-sanctioned religious education, until they are 18 years old.”

“In May (2012?), authorities closed the Muhammadiya mosque, one of Tajikistan’s most popular, which is run by the family of Haji Akbar Turajonzoda, a theologian and charismatic leader during the country’s civil war in the mid-1990s.”

Below are some extracts from the HRW’s 2011 Report About Religion in Tajikistan.

Hewing to a new religion law adopted in 2009, the state continued its repression of faith groups. Tajikistan has long curtailed freedom of religion and, under the pretext of battling terrorism, has banned several peaceful Muslim organizations. Certain Christian denominations, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, continue to be banned in Tajikistan. At this writing the law bans all religious activity by unregistered religious groups.

“In January a Dushanbe criminal court convicted Imam Sirojiddin Abdurahmonov (known as Mullo Sirojiddin), a leader of the banned Salafi Muslim religious movement, and six other followers. An Islamic Revival Party leader told Forum 18, an independent religious news service, that Sirojiddin received a seven-year prison term, and his six co-defendants received prison terms of up to six years for “arousing national, racial, local or religious hostility.”

“In April 2009, about 92 followers of the banned Jamaat Tabligh Islamic group were arrested. In March 2010, according to Forum 18, a group of 56 of them were convicted by the Supreme Court and were sentenced on charges of “organisation of banned extremist religious organizations.” 23 defendants were given prison terms of between three and six years, and the other 33 defendants were fined between 25,000 somonis(US$5,340) and 50,000 somonis ($10,680), astronomical sums for the average Tajik.

“In May the remaining 36 Jamaat Tabligh defendants were convicted and received comparable prison and financial penalties. Rights groups in Tajikistan maintain that Jamaat Tabligh is peaceful and the ban on it was never published.

tajikistan president governmentIn May 2010, criminal investigations by the state secret police against 17 Jehovah’s Witnesses in Khujand were reopened. The group was arrested, interrogated, and threatened in September 2009, but the cases had been suspended after the group complained to the prosecutor general.”

On another front 98% Muslim Tajikistan’s income depends a lot on foreign revenue which is precariously dependent upon remittances from migrant workers overseas and exports of aluminium and cotton, so the economy is highly vulnerable to external shocks. The current economic situation in Tajikistan remains fragile, largely owing to corruption, uneven economic reforms, and economic mismanagement by this evil, anti-Muslim and anti-Islam, anti-freedom government of Emomalii Rahmon.


Tajik government and its war against Islam on Sunni News

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Emergence of Islamic International Schools in Asian Non-Muslim Countries

What type of school education do you dream of giving your child? As a Muslim do you give preference to Islamic-oriented schools over western ones? Or is it the other way around?islamic education kidsThe school is where your child learns and understands social skills and get the qualifications that are necessary for later life. Not stopping there, your child also picks up knowledge about what is right and wrong from the school. If the school teaches a child things unacceptable in Islam it will not be a surprise if the child grows up to be a NON-practicing Muslim in later life.

cima spell masterIt is at the school that the child makes his first friends and learns to ‘FIT-IN’. Well to fit-in in a western oriented school being a good Muslim may not be a great idea!

Being western is the new trend that is capturing millions of Muslims around the world even those in Muslim countries. But is it the right choice? Is it not the right of a child to learn in a good Islamic background? So that he /she develops the right thinking skills and right attitudes?

Efforts are being made even in Non-muslim countries to bring together secular education and Islamic education. To strike the right balance so that students are groomed in the correct manner.

I want to introduce to you two such Islamic International schools that I came across in two South Asian non-Muslim countries where Muslims are only a small percentage of the total population. It is very inspiring to see Muslim parents, educationalist, businessmen and community leaders launch successful and high quality Islamic International Schools in like this even in non-Muslim Asian countries.

1. Islamic International School – India

The Islamic International School in India was founded and developed by Dr. Zakir Naik.  The school aims at fulfilling the child’s educational needs for this world and the Next. Here is a video that illustrates the whole concept of this school:

2. Crescent Schools International – Sri Lanka

colombo international schoolA leading Islamic School network in Sri Lanka, Crescent is dedicated at instilling Islamic values in children along with the secular education. Many subjects are being taught in this school in the English medium.

There are various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities taking place in the school too, but all in adherence with the Islamic Shariah. You can visit their website at: www.crescentschools.org

Below are some pictures taken from their gallery:

crescent scout meet

international school trip

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Islamic Calligraphy In Modern Times

About Islamic Calligraphy

islamic calligraphyCalligraphy literally means writing beautifully and decoratively. Islamic calligraphy is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking. A valued form of Islamic art is the Islamic Calligraphy. The Quran, has played an important role in the development and evolution of the Arabic language, and by extension, calligraphy in the Arabic alphabet.

The main sources for Islamic calligraphy are passages, words, proverbs and sentences of the Holy Qur’an. What could be better art than the WORD of the Creator?

Figurative arts are prohibited in  Islam. This is the reason why letters and abstract forms of art became popular in the Islamic world. Muslims described their artistic passions and feelings using high quality calligraphy and other forms of abstract art.

Islamic Calligraphy Today!

With the technological advancements Islamic calligraphy too has advanced to the world of arabic calligraphyinternet and computers. Recent Arabic calligraphy artists have joined the classic form of art with modern and contemporary art style. Thus, we can find Arabic calligraphy merged with English writings, modern colors and computer graphics.

Many institutions and people now design logos for companies using Arabic calligraphy. I came across such a web design company in Sri Lanka – Zeeron. They design logos and other graphics along with their web design services. Islamic calligraphy can be integrated into their designs – Isn’t that just AWESOME?

The Illustrative Art in Mosques

Islamic calligraphy can be found in mosques with Arabesque motifs combinations. Arabesque is a form of Islamic art known for its repetitive geometric forms creating beautiful decorations. These geometric shapes often include Arabic calligraphy written on walls and ceilings inside and outside of mosques.

There is a beautifulmosque calligraphyl harmony between the inscriptions and the functions of the mosque. Specific surahs (chapters) or ayats (verses) from Koran are inscribed in accordance with functions of specific architectural elements. For example, on the domes you can find the Nour ayat (the divine stress on light) written, above the main entrance you find verses related to the entrances of the paradise, on the windows the divine names of Allah are inscribed so that reflection of the sun rays through those windows remind the believer that Allah manifests Himself upon the universe in all high qualities.

What do you think about Islamic calligraphy? Is it your passion too? Leave your comments and share your thoughts and ideas!

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What Enemies Of Islam Fear Most?

enemies of islam

Share this if you agree!


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Nobody Wants to Pray on Time But Everybody Want Their Prayers Answered At Once!

salah muslim prayer

True isn’t it?

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Why Dont All Muslim Countries Unite?

A visitor who came to this blog wanted to know, “Why don’t Muslims countries unite?”

muslim countries map

Rather than I try to answer, I’m posting below a very good answer to a similar question written by a forum user in an online forum called TurnToIslam.com.

Question by Islam!!yay: If muslim nations unite, wouldnt that be worst? Im talking about economically. The overall GDP of Muslim countries worldwide is about 7 trillion dollars. But that money would have to spread among billions of citizens living in the country. And per capita each will earn ,I dont think will be very much. Like in qatar per capita is about 86 thousand dollars , but if qatar were to unite with other Islamic countries i think their per captia will drop drastically and everyone in that country will earn less. Im asking if that would happen If all Islamic countries were to unite and would their per capita drop if they unite?

Answer by NyereKareem: There is more to uniting the Muslim Ummah than lumping all Muslim majority nations into one state. Will we really be united? What i mean is will there still be tribal differences, sectarian difference, racism against fellow muslims etc. Remember brother, that GDP and all that other economic stuff are things of hayatul dunya. It matters in a sense, but in the long term it doesn’t because none of it will help us on yawmul qiyamah.

We muslims no matter where we are in the world are looked down upon. That’s why the disputes amongst many of us Muslims are silly because we are very much reviled by the rest of the world. So who cares if you are an Arab from such and such a family, or if you’re from such and such a tribe in Pakistan? The enemies of Islam hate Muslims from wherever they are. That’s why all Muslims; Black, White, Arab, Asian whatever need to stick together to propagate the religion of Al Islam.

We can do this if we’re willing to let go of the parts of our cultures that conflict with Islam.

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