Emergence of Islamic International Schools in Asian Non-Muslim Countries

What type of school education do you dream of giving your child? As a Muslim do you give preference to Islamic-oriented schools over western ones? Or is it the other way around?islamic education kidsThe school is where your child learns and understands social skills and get the qualifications that are necessary for later life. Not stopping there, your child also picks up knowledge about what is right and wrong from the school. If the school teaches a child things unacceptable in Islam it will not be a surprise if the child grows up to be a NON-practicing Muslim in later life.

cima spell masterIt is at the school that the child makes his first friends and learns to ‘FIT-IN’. Well to fit-in in a western oriented school being a good Muslim may not be a great idea!

Being western is the new trend that is capturing millions of Muslims around the world even those in Muslim countries. But is it the right choice? Is it not the right of a child to learn in a good Islamic background? So that he /she develops the right thinking skills and right attitudes?

Efforts are being made even in Non-muslim countries to bring together secular education and Islamic education. To strike the right balance so that students are groomed in the correct manner.

I want to introduce to you two such Islamic International schools that I came across in two South Asian non-Muslim countries where Muslims are only a small percentage of the total population. It is very inspiring to see Muslim parents, educationalist, businessmen and community leaders launch successful and high quality Islamic International Schools in like this even in non-Muslim Asian countries.

1. Islamic International School – India

The Islamic International School in India was founded and developed by Dr. Zakir Naik.  The school aims at fulfilling the child’s educational needs for this world and the Next. Here is a video that illustrates the whole concept of this school:

2. Crescent Schools International – Sri Lanka

colombo international schoolA leading Islamic School network in Sri Lanka, Crescent is dedicated at instilling Islamic values in children along with the secular education. Many subjects are being taught in this school in the English medium.

There are various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities taking place in the school too, but all in adherence with the Islamic Shariah. You can visit their website at: www.crescentschools.org

Below are some pictures taken from their gallery:

crescent scout meet

international school trip

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