Islamic Calligraphy In Modern Times

About Islamic Calligraphy

islamic calligraphyCalligraphy literally means writing beautifully and decoratively. Islamic calligraphy is the art of writing, and by extension, of bookmaking. A valued form of Islamic art is the Islamic Calligraphy. The Quran, has played an important role in the development and evolution of the Arabic language, and by extension, calligraphy in the Arabic alphabet.

The main sources for Islamic calligraphy are passages, words, proverbs and sentences of the Holy Qur’an. What could be better art than the WORD of the Creator?

Figurative arts are prohibited in  Islam. This is the reason why letters and abstract forms of art became popular in the Islamic world. Muslims described their artistic passions and feelings using high quality calligraphy and other forms of abstract art.

Islamic Calligraphy Today!

With the technological advancements Islamic calligraphy too has advanced to the world of arabic calligraphyinternet and computers. Recent Arabic calligraphy artists have joined the classic form of art with modern and contemporary art style. Thus, we can find Arabic calligraphy merged with English writings, modern colors and computer graphics.

Many institutions and people now design logos for companies using Arabic calligraphy. I came across such a web design company in Sri Lanka – Zeeron. They design logos and other graphics along with their web design services. Islamic calligraphy can be integrated into their designs – Isn’t that just AWESOME?

The Illustrative Art in Mosques

Islamic calligraphy can be found in mosques with Arabesque motifs combinations. Arabesque is a form of Islamic art known for its repetitive geometric forms creating beautiful decorations. These geometric shapes often include Arabic calligraphy written on walls and ceilings inside and outside of mosques.

There is a beautifulmosque calligraphyl harmony between the inscriptions and the functions of the mosque. Specific surahs (chapters) or ayats (verses) from Koran are inscribed in accordance with functions of specific architectural elements. For example, on the domes you can find the Nour ayat (the divine stress on light) written, above the main entrance you find verses related to the entrances of the paradise, on the windows the divine names of Allah are inscribed so that reflection of the sun rays through those windows remind the believer that Allah manifests Himself upon the universe in all high qualities.

What do you think about Islamic calligraphy? Is it your passion too? Leave your comments and share your thoughts and ideas!

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2 Responses to Islamic Calligraphy In Modern Times

  1. sahar elzein sinno says:

    i am in luv with islamic calligraphy

  2. MdShafiqM says:

    Wonderful Islamic Caligraphy!

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