Muslims Need to Discuss and Explain Religion

ukraine muslims discussing religionBismillah,
The Islamic Law blog has a post on arguing about faith. Basically what it says is to avoid religious arguments. This is a sound advice and I agree with it because faith comes by understanding and not by arguing.

But sometimes I come across Muslims who take this into the next level and altogether avoid engaging in religious discussions. Maybe this is because they don’t have the knowledge or ability to discuss and explain Islam. Or maybe they don’t have much faith! Or maybe they think that the truth about Islam and reasons for various religious rules is obvious so everyone will see it and assume that there is no need to explain it.

Be it whatever the reason this attitude among some Muslims towards discussing religion is one of the main reasons why there are so many misconceptions about Muslims and why many non-Muslims strongly believe that Muslims are intolerant and fear to talk with Muslims about religion.

So the position of a Muslim should be to avoid arguments but engage in discussing religion.

Misc: When discussing religion or aspects of it, it is important to explain them so that people understand the reasons and benefits of them too.

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6 Responses to Muslims Need to Discuss and Explain Religion

  1. Chet says:

    Very well said, Discussing Islam around where I am at has proven that others can accept it and understand more about it. I come from a small town and the people I have talked to here has told me they have no hard feelings and feel that one’s religion should not interfere with friendship or getting to know someone who is of a different belief.

    One thing I would like to add, until a few months ago, I have not seen any Muslims around where I am at. Now I run into them wherever I go and they are well received and thought of here. This is great news to me for the simple reason that in the past strangers and those of a different race and religion from them were not welcome. Today that has changed and I for one have no regrets for converting to Islam.

    I must apologize for not getting around to visit you more. I have been very busy and it looks like this summer I won’t be blogging much either from time to time. I will try and visit more though. Take care brother!

  2. Greyrooster says:

    When I go to post something nasty on Al Jazeerah when I go to sign Greyrooster Good Lt automatically comes up. You been using one of my computers?

    Posted by: greyrooster at May 03, 2007 03:52 PM
    3 Ahh there it is. Rooster. I added those links through an anonymiser to stop Radical Muslim from identifying the location and providers for visitors from the Jawa Report. We all probably get the same anonymous cookie. So we all look lkike the same user to his server. That is why Good Lt. info was on your screen he was just a bit ahead of you.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum Chet,
    alhamdulliah, I am happy to hear about your town folks having become receptive to other religions. Sometime back I remember you saying it is hard to live as a Muslim in your area. But you put your trust in Allah and he has made life easy for you.

    BTW, it is I who should appologize from you because I am the one who has visited less. But brother, I anyhow read your blog through RSS though I’ve not being around to comment because I am also quite busy these days.

  4. Greyrooster,
    Is this a joke? What’s this talk about some anonymiser?

  5. Michael Tim says:

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    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  6. mina makki says:

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