The Tale of 2 Iraq Photographs

Assalamu Alaikum,
These are two photos that caught my eye in a collection of Iraq war photographs. The first one shows a group of American soldiers having a rest inside a Iraq mosque. The second is a photograph of 2 British soldiers guarding a half built Iraq church.

some us soldiers inside a Iraq mosque

royal marines guarding a iraq christian church

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13 Responses to The Tale of 2 Iraq Photographs

  1. Milfichlot says:

    Attributions for the photographs? Those soldiers are NOT American! And how do you know either photographs are really taken in Iraq?

    Let’s not try and make trouble with falsehoods, there is enough real trouble in the world — including that which has nothing to do with the so-called foreign devils…

  2. Paul says:

    The second photo was taken from Kosovo. The Marines are protecting a Christian Church from the Kosovars. You posted this drivel on muslimunity.blogspot several months ago and here you again posting lying propaganda. If the last photo was taken from Iraq the Marines would be wearing desert clothing for one thing. Why did you post this if you know it is false?

  3. Paul,
    I think you are right. I must update the post. thanks

  4. Shockwave says:

    The marines should piss in that Mosque!

  5. Ollie says:

    mate the second picture is taken in kosovo and the men pictured are british soldiers with their sa-80A1 rifles. You can tell they are standing infront of a church as their is a large cross on the roof which strongly suggests that it isn’t a mosque

  6. scarlett says:

    What about the siege of the Church of the Nativity???

  7. Durimi says:

    This church is in the university square in Prishtina guarded by British soldiers. Its an orthodox church that belong to Slobodan Milosevic’s regime. Nowadays this church is deserted and many people not having toilets nearby they p…. inside the church. Bye!!!

  8. shit says:

    i don’t undrstand all this bullshit all i know long time ago when baghdad was all christion and some athor relagens the britsh bring muslim from south to live in baghdad and make truble to to our christion

  9. shit says:

    i forget something i didn’t wish to put pople down, muslim alwys kraying if in iraq or in britsh or canada or america, and if thay knwo thers some angle country is trying to help them then christion in iraq will get more more hurt, if you real helpfull you don’t need media just do yor job

  10. Owais says:

    To live under one Caliphate is the need of the hour…We cannot afford any more oppression now..One Muslim union will solve all the problems faced by us today.


  11. Ashurbanipal says:

    Want to know what happened in Iraq? Ask the Christian Assyrian-Chaldean people. Ask them about the abducted children and women forced to convert to Islam. Ask them about the priests murdered in the streets. Ask them about the cruxified boy. Ask them about how their rights are laughed at. Ask them about the multiple churches that have been bombed and left to fall into ruins. Then come and post a questionable photo here.

  12. AJ says:

    Shockwave if you carry on with your gonna piss in your face u bitch!!

  13. lina says:

    umm well the second foto is in kosovo and yes they are protecting cause people from kosovo would destroy it if they had a chance but they have a strong reason for it and if i would be in their place i would do the same or worse sorry to everyone but muslim is one and the only best religion in the world

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