6 Common Misconceptions About Shia (Among Sunni Muslims)

sunni shia muslims common misconceptionsBismillah,
Everyday I hear Muslims grumbling about Sunni Shia violence in Iraq. Coupled to this in the Internet almost every Muslim blog or forum I surf, I hear remarks against Sunni or Shia Muslims and occasionally come across brothers and sisters engaged in endless Sunni-Shia debates and telling everyone how bad the other is. In this kind of situation, my usual reaction has being to ignore them and hope Allah gives them better understanding to ignore such controversial subject because I believe our priority today is not the sunni/shia issue but our incompetent Muslim governments and the lack of knowledge among the Ummah.

But now I think my ignoring the Sunni-Shia issue is like the ostrich burying its head in the sand. I think I can no longer afford to ignore this bloody reality. I think I must help to reconcile the two sides. But how or what can I do? These are the questions that haunt me 😦

Well, when I was in this state of mind, last week I heard from Abu Sinan about this great article about Shia in the ‘Eloquent Incoherence’ blog.

Click here to read the article – Myths and Misconceptions about the Shia. It explains in detail about 6 common misinformation (or misconceptions) many of us Sunni Muslims have about Shia.

This is a article I think everyone should read. Thanks to it I was able to correct several misconceptions I had about Shia Muslims like the problems I had about their Kalima (Shahadah) and their Salaath (prayers). Also I thought they believed that Allah intended for ‘Ali (rali) to be given Prophethood, but the Angel Jibril made a mistake and gave Muhammad the revelation instead and Shia pray only three times, both of which turned out to be wrong.

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8 Responses to 6 Common Misconceptions About Shia (Among Sunni Muslims)

  1. Yusuf Ali Abdullah says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,
    I totally agree with the article. Ataturk was a shrewd criminal of Jewish origin whose only objective was to destroy Islam. What is a shame is that the Islamic institutions in Turkey were to weak to react. It would have been proper for the Caliphate at the time to realize what was happening and order his head cut off. Turkey is the only country in Nato that could stand up to the US. It could have prevented the invasion of Iraq and the only reason this has occured is because of the treacherous kemalists and their alliance with zionism. May Allah throw “ataturk” in hell fire and keep it there.

    Waalaikum salam Yusuf Ali,
    I am transferring this comment to,
    How Ataturk Destroyed Islam in Turkey

  2. Travelling Stranger says:

    While I don’t know why the above comments mention ataturk, I’m just commenting on the sunni/shia conflict.
    Alhamdulillah I had NONE of those six misconceptions sunnis have of shia. Yet there are many other things we learn about Shia through their own books and scholars to know how different they are.

    Look up “taqiyya”, and “imamah”.

  3. Salam Travelling Stranger,
    Yes I know about Taqqiya and Imamath. Like the two you point out there are several grave differences among the two groups and as a Sunni Muslim some Shia beliefs distresses me very much. But that is not a excuse to harbour misconceptions or hatred. I think it is every good Muslim’s responsibility to try to understand everyone for what they really are and what they really believe.

    Besides in todays world when non-Muslims are more powerful than Muslims and are trying to weaken and destroy Islam and even invading our countries to rob us of our resources it is the need of the hour for Sunnis and Shiites to put aside their differences and work together for the common good. So I think goes without saying that dispelling the misconceptions both groups have about each other will greatly help towards this end.

  4. govokinolij says:


    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


  5. islamunity says:

    Whoever Swears and makes heinous lies against the companions is a KAFIR not leeway!!

  6. Although i do question some of the pracrtices of those that call themselves shia muslims, i do aknowledge that they are our partners in belief and we should all try to have love in our hearts for one another. Creating union not separation.

  7. Khanjee says:

    In these days the killings of shia have gone to the extreme in Pakistan.
    Men and women are pulled out from buses and asked to recite kalma then gunned and their bodies dragged on roads to statuat horror.
    It’s written in 2007, ur views but they are so in need to be spread like rings on water.
    I’m so distressed to see and hear the death of youth by hands of barbarians acting as self proclaimed mullahs with the looks of primates because no noor is on the face of these savage killers.
    We ask justice from Allah and may the wrath strike them down because the earth is trembling by the innocent cries of widows and orphans!

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