Beautiful Islamic Ringtones And English Nasheed Ringtones

I love Zain Bhihka’s new english Islmic song called Mountains of Mecca. It’s so beautiful and inspiring. So I wanted to make it as my ringtone in my Sony Ericsson mobile cell phone . First I tried searching for a Islamic ringtone made from this beautiful English nasheed song. But after even after several attempts I couldn’t find one. Then I thought I’ll try to cut the parts I like and make the ringtone out of the full English Nasheed mp3 file using a software like FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops).

But today quite accidently when I was looking for a ringtone that says the kalima (La illaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah There is no god but Allah, Muhammad’s His Messenger) I came across these two Islamic ringtones made from Zain Bhihka’s new Nasheed song mountains of Mecca.

1) Islamic Ringtones English Nasheed Ringtones
In this first ringtone contains the piece of song sung by Zain’s beautiful voice, “La illaha illAllah, Muhammad-u-Rasullullah There is no god but Allah, Muhammad’s His Messenger” How I love this verse. According to prophet Muhammad this is the best word’s a humen being can utter! Subhallah! (All praise be to Allah)
Get this English Muslim ringtone on your phone

2) Islamic Ringtones English Nasheed Ringtones
In this ringtone Zain sings the lines of

“Oh Mountains of Mecca, what can you say
Of the day that Abraham passed your way
And He was instructed by God to build
A House of peace where people will pray

And they will come on every lean camel and out of every ravine
For the purpose of praising Allah, to glorify Allah”
Get this Muslim ringtone on your cell phone

I hope you like these beautiful nasheed ringtones and use it in your mobile phones instead of those metalic western non-muslim English song rigntones most of the Muslim youth have on their cell phones today.

However I’m not sure whether this is a halal ring-tone. Is it music I hear in the background of the lyrics he sings or is it music or sounds generated from drums and human voice echos that are allowed in Islamic Nasheeds? (To qualify as a Nasheed or Islamic Religious song a song or poem has to be music free right?)

Also just for a thought for you. You know sometimes our elderly Muslims don’t like the cell phone. They say it is bad. They don’t want you to use a mobile phone fearing you will use it for haram or bad things like texting (sms messaging) to girlfriends or boyfriends or listen to music or waste their hard earned money. However I think everyone should have a cell phone today. My father was a very vocal against cell phones but after I got one for him and he benefits from it advantages, he now agrees it has some good things though he is not still fully convinced the cell phone is indispensable consumer electronic product. However I disagree with my Dad on this and I think like many other things you can it depends on how you use your mobile cell phone.

Good or bad, haram or halal of mobile cell phones depends on how you use it. If you use it for doing a bad thing or engaging in prohibited activities that God considers as sins then please don’t. Use it for only good things, for necessary things. Don’t use your cell phone unwisely. Follow proper mobile cell phone etiquette all the time and you will be loved by God and people.

Please also check this post in the Email Forwards websites about mobile cell phone etiquette tips. And like my friend’s cousin says in her blog think Islamically will you?

By the way Haj festival or Eid-ul-Alha day is coming and we like to email Eid greeting cards to our friends and family. Checkout the 8 beautiful Eid greeting cards available for you to send free on the Planet Apex site.

I hope Allah will be please with your mobile phone usage. Ameen.

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  2. Hashim fatima says:

    I like ds site but its not easy getting d tones

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