Sudan: Muslims Let Christians Break One Muslim Nation Into 2 Countries


Asslamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

I don’t blame non-Muslims. They will do what is best for them. They will try to convert Muslims, divide Muslims and make Muslims one of them. But why are Muslims letting them win? The choice is yours.

South Sudan MapComing to the promised subject of the post title. Sudan is the largest country is Africa. It is 70% Muslim while 25% Animist and 5% Christian. However yesterday, the 7th Feb 2011, I heard people had voted to split Southern Sudan from Northern Sudan. This one Muslim Nation which was one Muslim nation will split into 2 countries in June 2011.

I was very sad to hear this news because this spells further disintegration of the lands of the Ummah into even more countries. What happened to the age old wisdom of “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? Clearly Muslims don’t know how to protect their lands or themselves.

The Western media will tell you this is due to the genocides of 1.5 million people and other atrocities of Northern Sudan Government and their thugs. They’ll give us superficial quotes like genocide and secretariat Arab Vs Non-Arab conflit that plagued the country for decades as reason for the split.

On the other hand Muslim analyst will no doubt attribute this to American, Western and Israeli aims of gaining control of Sudan’s oil rich regions by breaking the country into two and making two weaker countries out of the biggest African country. (FYI, Southern Sudan and the south parts of Northern Sudan and conflict ridden Darfur are the oil rich regions of Sudan).

However the real reason may is still deeper. I gained a little insight about this when I came across another reason for the split in the Wikipedia article called religion in Sudan. Considering this fact, it’s very likely Christian missionaries are the people who broke Sudan into two countries not genocide or oil. The below is relevant quotes from the Wikipedia article about religion in Sudan.

“Christianity has grown from about 5% of the southerners to 50-70% today.[citation needed] with most of the rest still attached to the indigenous religions of their forebears.

Both Darfur and Northern Sudan are mostly Muslim, whereas the South is Animist and Christian.”

“The indigenous Christian churches in Sudan, with external support,[citation needed] continued their mission, however, and had opened new churches and repaired those destroyed in the continuing civil conflict. Originally the Nilotic peoples were indifferent to Christianity, but in the latter half of the twentieth century many people in the educated elite embraced its tenets, at least superficially. English and Christianity have become symbols of resistance to the Muslim government in the north, which has vowed to destroy both. Unlike the early civil strife of the 1960s and 1970s, the insurgency in the 1980s and the 1990s has taken on a religious character.”

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3 Responses to Sudan: Muslims Let Christians Break One Muslim Nation Into 2 Countries

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s an interesting post. I understood that you meant “sectarian Arab Vs Non-Arab conflict”?

    From the Wikipedia quote on Sudan, things seem very unclear. Why did the animists in the south prefer to accept christianity instead of Islam? Why didn’t the government of the north succeed in converting them to Islam? And did it try?

  2. moslemofindonesia says:

    It’s sad to heard that moslem in the world are so easy to broke. so as us here in indonesia, some terrorizing and much more case in the name of islam (but heavily suspicious) are spreading and create a bad impressions to Islam itself.
    just as libya, so many factor could be used by the side who wants to boke the muslim rigid fraternity. wee saw it such as ethnicity, nationality, race, wealth, mazhab, and many more.
    I supposed, and many of my fellow around here said the same, that we really need caliph to avoid a more fatal damage to our faith and peace.

    Really hope i can contact you and all muslims and people in the world who concern to struggle a one-leader muslim just as the khulafa ar-rasyidin was for the moslem unity.

    Salaam alaikum

  3. Blame the Americans
    Blame the Jews
    Thats all you muslims understand

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