UK Muslim Group Doing Da’wah In London Oxford Street (Video)

This is a video of some British Muslims doing Da’wah (Islamic missionary) in Oxford Streets, London on 2010 September 11th. It was organized by a U.K. Muslim organization called the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA).

As you will see in this video, iERA distributed thousands of books called “Quran: a small selection of verses” in London and had a literature stall on London Oxford Street presenting Islam to the wider non Muslim community of U.K.

This emulates the method of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), which is to positively respond to critics and enemies by presenting Islam to the wider society.

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1 Response to UK Muslim Group Doing Da’wah In London Oxford Street (Video)

  1. imnamenderdemokratie says:

    Salamu alaykum
    First of all, may the effort of all the Muslims working in the way of ALLAH rewarded by HIM. ISLAM is a beautiful religion, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t explain it to others. Nevertheless, my opinion about the way of doing da’wah differs from the one we can see in the video. Once i read a book from Tariq Ramadan and there he said two things. Firstly, we don’t need to shout and go on the streets, because criticizing islam is getting gradually an everyday habit. The media helps Islam to expose itself unintentional. Secondly, as a consequence of the first mentionned point, we have to concentrate ourselfs, more and more, in intelligent ways of explaining Islam. For example: write about the beauty of islam, write about the best man ever existed, our profphet mohammad (peace be upon him) or show that islam means for example moderation in every single action: sisters wear a hijab because they don’t need the praise of this world, muslims are friendly to everyone because ALLAH is the creator of all of us …and so on. Nonetheless i like the video!
    (I’m terribly sorry for my English…I live in Switzerland and don’t have the opportunity to speak or write in English everyday.)

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