Tunisian News: A New Government Or Only New President For Tunisia?

tunisia president ben ali

Tunisian Office of Merchant Navy and Ports building with a picture of former Tunisia president Ben Ali (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_1655)

I’m glad to see the corrupt, oppressive, unjust and unislamic president of Tunisia had to flee to Saudi Arabia. Ironic he had to flee the country and find sanctuary in ultra Islamic Saudi Arabia when he used his power to oppress the rights of Muslims in Tunisia including banning the hijab in Tunisia. (see 1 Muslim Nation article on this at Women’s Hijab Banned: Tunisia Government Crushing Islam) But what about the future Tunisian government? Even though the president has changed the same government and people who made Tunisia a 15% unemployed country with widespread misery are still in power! According to what I have read and all of it from western media is that there is no organized group or opposition to form a new government. In this case the same people who made the current crisis will continue to rule Tunisia even after this peoples revolutions against the corrupt government. In the long run the only change is likely to be a new president. This is the same thing that is said to have happened in Tunisia the last time the president changed 23 years back in 1987.

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1 Response to Tunisian News: A New Government Or Only New President For Tunisia?

  1. Muhammad Elijah says:

    Assalâmu ‘Alaikum waRahmatu(A)llâhi waBarakâtuh brother

    There are American politicians who believe that:
    “Kaplan shows no proof that an American Ambassadorial hand was not instrumental in finally motivating the so-called Arab street to chase away tin-pot dictator”

    I am doing Da’wah IlAllâh to some of these politicians. May Allâh soften and open their hearts for Islam.


    I am a Muslim living in Pakistan so they were discussing something about Pakistan, so I called and invited them towards Allâh.If you discover any error in my Islamic writing,please inform me.

    “To the Muslim, from what we here can see, God is a fearsome, capricious and fickle overlord. ”
    I was studying a word used for what is translated as Fear of God which is Khashyah.There is a Du’â(Supplication) in Islam.
    O’ Allâh! Make your Khashyah such(in my heart) as though I am seeing you.
    This word has a subtle difference from the generic word Khawf translated as Fear.It was interesting for me to know the difference, that Khashyah in Arabic meant Khawf with Ta’zeem(Awe).Hence, feeling awe of Allâh in heart discourages us from hedonism as Verite had said , and it is also one of the greatest stimuli of spiritual development which makes your ever closer to the Almighty.There are Names of Allâh which emphasize beauty(Al-Jameel) and love(Al-Wadood),but overall the Names of Allâh represent a remarkable balance and consistency.Also, Allâh is definitely the King(Al-Malik) of cosmos.
    “But slaves, in a sense, we are to Christ.”
    That is what Muslims are not neither to Messiah,Peace be upon Him, nor to Muhammad sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam, and that’s why term Muhammadan is wrong.The only Ilaah(god,worthy of worhip and slavery) is Allâh, The Creator(Khâliq) of both ‘Eesâ ‘alaihis salâm and Muhammad sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam .Muhammad sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam warned Muslims that you must not glorify me as Christians glorified Son of Mary,Peace be upon Him.This was precisely because we may not verge at Shirk-the only Sin Allâh said in Aayah 116 of Soorah an-Nisâ that He will not forgive.Slavery and worship are synonymous in Islam.Tawheed(Islamic unitarianism) is also the religious goal of Jihâd by Qur’ân and Jihâd by sword as happened in the case of pagans of Makkah.
    The philosophy of democracy may be a modern variant of Shirk, because theocracy(minus the connotations of Christian theocracy) means that Allâh is Al-Malik, but democracy says “Rule of people”.There is nothing wrong with rule by people and rule for people.There are elements of Western political science which Muslims should adopt but this political philosophy is perhaps the greatest theological difficulty for all modern educated individuals who claim themselves to be Muslims.


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