How To Get Free Korans From Islamics To Burn On “Burn Koran Day”

Some guys have made a super video and posted in on Youtube, mocking and making a joke of about the “burn the Koran day”, a Florida Christian Pastor organised. I’m sharing it here with you. Please watch the video.

The first guy in the video claims “we (i.e. Americans) don’t have to pay the Islamics (his word for Musliims) to buy a Quran to burn it. Have to say he’s got a point… They pronounce Muslim related words in funny terms like Marx or Mosks for Mosque, Islamics for Muslims, Curaans or Korans for Quran etc. It’s pretty funny.

In this video one guy acts sort of a stupid and the other guy is the brains of this operation – get a free koraan from Islamics in the local Mosks (where we all know the Islamics pray), to burn on burning day! How to get the Quran free? Go into your local mosque and pretend to be interested in Islam and ask them for a Koran to take with you and study, then take it and use it to burn on the “Burn Koran day”.

But I didn’t understand the first part of the video. Something about Curraans and the guys discussing about crayons and how these two are related. I appreciate if someone can explains that to me.

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