Muslim Teen Girls Concerns: Sex, Abortion, Hymen Repair & Fake Virginity

head in the sand

Do you or your parents hide like this? Come on Muslim, take the bull by the horn. Lets build our community for Allah's sake. (image source:

In English you say don’t be like an ostrich. This a reference to the popular notion that the ostrich hides from danger by burying its head in the sand. (my apologies to the our ostrich bird community.) This is what I encounter with not some but Most Muslims. We ignore the reality and focus on our glory details. “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world”, “we have 7 million Muslims in America” they say it as if they had something to do about it. My blood boils when I hear people whitewashing Muslims. When we point out something bad about some Muslim community they think high of they say “Oh no they are not that bad”. It’s like sweeping the dirt under the carpet.

Anyway these thoughts written above, including the outrageous heading I thought up (Modern Muslim Teen Girls Concerns – Sex, Abortion, Hymen Repair And Faking Virginity) are in response to a article I read just now. I wrote this provoking (and attractive?) title in order to gain your attention and make you checkout the following article – Hijabi teens: An alternate reality in On Islam website.

Hymen Repair And Fake Your Virginity

Some of our Muslim people keep a lot of stock on virginity by the hymen blood that bleeds from the girl when they come together with their husband after the wedding. But this is all crap today as it always was. The girls hymen can be broken accidentally while playing, doing exercise or even household accidents. For example take this comment a Muslim girl had left in a hymen repair site,

“hi am 23 girl ,,,, am not sure that i lost my virginity but i will tell wt happen to me ,,,,, i used to play judo and one day i fell down on my back after 2 days i bled really red blood and it’s not the time of my period ,,,,, and as am Muslim girl i will have big problem if i lost my virginity and no one will believe that i lost it during doing sport thing ,,,,,, so can someone help me”

And today having a hymen doesn’t prove anything. There are ways to fake your hymen without resorting to surgery or even meeting a doctor. Recently a friend told me about a product that’s secretly sold to girls who have lost their virginity. This is a small tube bag filled with a red liquid that looks like blood. Apparently the girl needs to insert it into her vagina a hour or two before having sex. When sex (coitus?) takes place her husband will feel that tube bag just like a hymen and will break it releasing the liquid to flow out making it look like blood from hymen.

So if you find hear someone looking for hymen repair or abortion details don’t jump to conclusions. Check out the facts. There are good and bad Muslim girls who have been raped and can’t tell their parents about it and suffer and try to find answers to their problems. And many thousands of girls all over the world in Muslim and non Muslim societies are living with fear daily because they broke their hymen accidentally and they fear someone will find out and accuse them of fornication or prostitution.

Being a man I can’t even imagine what these sisters go through and how they face it.

And checkout that article on hijab teens I mentioned earlier please.

Came across that article via Muslim Village.

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2 Responses to Muslim Teen Girls Concerns: Sex, Abortion, Hymen Repair & Fake Virginity

  1. essam ali adam says:

    are you stupid, the Islam is wider than your small mind and closed heart

  2. essam ali adam says:

    The Islam is as the light, we can not live without it, you have to read more about it, you have to know that the science and mercy, are the most words repeated in the holly quran,

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