Doing Dawah In Non Muslim Country With An Islamic Bookstall In a Book Exhibition

dawah islamic bookstall exhibition

Dawah Corner bookstall at the Colombo Book Exhibition 9-16 July 2010

In a country like Sri Lanka doing Dawah is not easy. Until recently I didn’t think it was possible to do dawah openly in Asia as some Muslims do in the west. In Asian countries specially like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Burma etc. it’s religiously sensitive and most Muslims have been brought up to think you can’t do Dawah in a non Muslim country like Sri Lanka. I was one of those Muslims who thought doing Dawah was difficult and will cause problems with other religious communities and restricted my desire to do Dawah for fear of trouble and lack of interest and dawah activities our Muslim community. However my views change when I saw how a small organisation headed by a former Christian paster who embraced Islam go about doing Dawah in effective and innovative ways to sometimes hostile and sensitive non Muslim people and in a non Muslim country. This dawah group is called Dawah Corner Sri Lanka.

I’m currently helping out with a Dawah Organisation in Sri Lanka called Dawah Corner so with 2010 Ramadan coming up I’m little busy with them helping in whatever way I can with there Dawah and Ramadan projects 2010.

Here are some photos of the Dawah Bookstall at the Sri Lanka National Bookfare held at Colombo Public Library from July 9 to 16 July 2010.

non muslim indirect dawah books

A Buddhist books Bookstall right in front of Dawah bookstall!

Dawah Islam Books Bookstall

Various Books about Islam on dispaly at the Dawah bookstall

Inshallah next whole week I hope to be at another book fare with Dawah Corner helping them run a Islamic Bookstall doing indirect Dawah to non-Muslims. This Book fare is held at a town called Gampaha about 25 km from Colombo Sri Lanka the overwhelming majority of people who come to this book exhibition will be Buddhist and Christians and a little bit of Hindu Tamils. That aside this will be the second time within a month they’re having a Islamic book stall at a book exhibition for dawah purposes. I think this has never happened in a country like Sri Lanka. It’s a great opportunity for me to do Da’wah and learn to be a better da’ee and give Dawah and I’m not going to miss it for world’s.

The Dawah Corner article DA’WAH CORNER is 1 year old gives you an overview of their achievements withing a short period that many other organization and people haven’t achieved with greater resources and people and money. I think this is Allah’s help and barakath. May Allah help these Sri Lankan Musliim brothers and sisters and also give them all the support from other Muslims and Ummah.

Also check out the article about How To Do Dawah in 87 Ways at Dawah Corner website.

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7 Responses to Doing Dawah In Non Muslim Country With An Islamic Bookstall In a Book Exhibition

  1. Muhammad Elijah says:

    Assalaamu ‘Alaikum and MaaShaaAllaah
    I have heard via Masjid that the first non-Muslim country that would first become a Muslim majority country is Sri Lanka.
    I have also heard via Masjid that if Muslims become genuine Muslims,70% non-Muslims would become Muslim InshaAllaah even without verbal Da’wah.
    Along with Da’wah literature,we should not abandon the Sunnah method of Da’wah by tongue, and Masjid should be the central venue of Da’wah.It is said that when a man from Madeenah reached Dimashq/Damishq(I am forgetting the right Araqbic pronunciation of Damascus),to hear a single Hadith of Nabi sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam about the greatness of an ‘Aalim he found Abu Dardaa radi Allaahu ‘anhu WHERE?In Masjid.So, we should try to devote most of our time to Da’wah in Masjid and Da’wah through Masjid.
    As far as literaute is concerned, I think that Bible,Quran and Science by Maurice Bucaille should be presented to non-Muslims, because for many non-Muslims religion and science are incompatible thanks to the persistent Godless materialistic propaganda.
    The most important thing for Daa’ee is his persistence in Salaah by Jamaa’ah.I have read that the first thing that was taught to a non-Muslim by Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam when he became a Muslim was Salaah.
    May Allaah unite us in Jannah with Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam and His As-haab radi Allaahu ‘anhum.

    • Walaikum Salam Elijah,

      I have heard via Masjid that the first non-Muslim country that would first become a Muslim majority country is Sri Lanka.

      This is not true. Sri Lanka is far from becoming a Muslim country. Sri Lanka has a populations of 20 million and only 1.8 million people are Muslims or around 8% of the island nations population! It’s a strong Sinhala Buddhist country.

      Sinhala Buddhist form about 70% this country’s population, then the Tamil Hindus form about 15% then the Muslims composed of almost entirely of Sri Lankan Moor & Malay nationalists form about 8%. The rest of the population (around 7-8%) is comprised of Sinhala & Tamil Catholics and Christians.

      Of the Sri Lankan Muslims 99% of Sri Lankan Muslims comprise of Moorish or Malay decently Sri Lankans who have lived there for centuries.
      Yearly maybe about 2000 or so non-Muslims embrace Islam and those who embrace Islam to marry a Muslim girl or boy form the most of them.

      In addition there are maybe about 1000 or so Muslim girls specially and sometimes even Muslim boys who leave Islam to marry a chritian or buddhist or hindu and embraced their religion!

      Will such a country become the next Muslim Country? Sorry sir, no hope if we don’t do more dawah and like you said practice what we preach..

      • Muhammad Elijah says:

        Assalaamu ‘Alaikum waRahmatu(A)llaahi waBarakaatuh
        Peace be upon you
        And,Rahmah and Mercy of Allaah be upon you,
        And,Barakaat and Blessings of Allaah be upon you.
        “Will such a country become the next Muslim Country?”
        Let’s do Du’aa(Supplication) to Allaah to make it possible.Allaah is Al-Qadeer(Omnipotent).Let’s all of us who read the above start from now and today.There was a Nabi without a single person accepting His Da’wah ilAllaah, without a single person becoming a part of His Ummah(Community who has accepted the message of a Messenger of Allaah), yet He was not unsuccessful in the eyes of Allaah.We should all do Niyah(Intention) of making Da’wah ilAllaah the greatest Maqsood(Aim) in our lives, to exert ourselves like Anbiyaa ‘alaihmus salaam(Prophets of Allaah,Peace be upon them all), Allaah will fulfil our needs inshaaAllaah(If Allaah wills so) by the Barakah(Blessing) of Da’wah ilAllaah.
        The two important points are:Da’wah ilAllaah should be centred around Allaah, and it should be done in Sunnah(Way) of Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam manner.

  2. faraz says:

    kep on doing

  3. Rabia says:

    Assalamu Aliakum! Thank you so mach for helping me. At the church we have only two and have houre we dont have time to talk. Just some time when we talk about somethink I talk about islam whet we do in islam like that. I hop you know what I mein. THank you.

    • Muhammad Elijah says:

      All Anbiyaa(Prophets) including Maseeh ‘Eesaa ibn Maryam ‘alaihis salaam(Messiah Jesus son of Mary,Peace be upon Him) devoted much of their daily time to Da’wah ilAllaah(Calling men towards their Khaaliq(Creator)).Nooh ‘alaihis salaam(Noah,Peace be upon Him) did persistent daily Da’wah ilAllaah for 950 constant years.All Muslims should invest their most time in daily Da’wah ilAllaah.

  4. hijrat tahir says:

    i apretiate from you peoples
    F u hav any programe of sharing hadiths , islamic topics r news plz share to me also

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