Disposable Toilet Seat Covers To Be Clean In Public Toilets

Toilet Seat Cover

Disposable Elongated or Oblong Toilet Seat Covers

Assalamu Alaikum,

Toilet Seat Covers!

This is just a sudden inspiration I got when I saw the picture you see here in Google images while I was looking for something else.

We Muslims have to always be clean and ready for our 5 times prayers no matter what we are doing or where you are. But we have to sometime use public toilets and they may not always be clean.  Hundreds of people would have used that seat before it was last cleaned and there urine, or disposals may have touched a area of the seat where you sit. Or maybe the seat is wet with a drop or to when you go to the sit. Then when you sit you become unclean for salah/prayers until you clean away that spot where that najees (dirty stuff) touched with water for three times. This isn’t always convenient and feasible.

I checked Wikipedia for disposable toilet seat covers. It had this to say about these paper seat covers;

A toilet seat cover is a disposable piece of paper shaped like the toilet seat itself that can be placed on the seat by its user. Its purpose is to protect the toilet’s user from germs that may be resting on the seat,[1] though scientific studies have cast doubt on the cover’s value.

But if we use a toilet seat cover we can be more sure we don’t make ourselves unclean and not ready for salath. And after all if we are not clean we our prayers won’t be accepted. If we sat on something deemed unclean in Islam then performing ablution would not be enough for prayers. You will have to clean your back side or take a body was.

That way we can be clean and ready for salath anytime without having to body-wash in case using a questionable toilet seat like in rest rooms, airports, public toilets, or office etc. makes us touch najees with to our skin.

I think it’s a good idea for Muslims, both males & females to always have a toilet seat cover in your pocket/bag and use them when we use a public toilet.

What do you think about these disposable elongated toilet seat covers? Any used this one? Will you use it?

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9 Responses to Disposable Toilet Seat Covers To Be Clean In Public Toilets

  1. Muhammad Elijah says:

    Assalaamu ‘Alaikum brother

    This is very important article for all Muslims throughout the planet.

    It reminded me of the Hadith of Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam that Salaah is the key of Jannah and Tuhoor is the key of Salaah.
    Tuhoor stands for Wudoo/Ghusl/Shariah Purification.

    Salaah is an inalienable part of Muslim existence in the life of this world or interchangeably the life of Dunyaa. The only difference between a person and Kufr is that of Tarkus Salaah.In other words, Salaah draws a line of demarcation between a Muslim and a Kafir (Qur’aani term for a non-Muslim).

    I guess the proper pronucniation is Najas. Like Allaah says that a Mushrik is Najas. I may be wrong as I am not an ‘Aalim.
    We should try to write everything we think about Islam and share it with Muslim brothers and sisters. We MUST convert our thoughts about Islam into words. This can create a global impact.This would make us more confident for Da’wah. The time we are living in isn’t a time of silence. Silence of Muslims about Islam and other Muslims is tantamount to spiritual suicide what we are observing in our schools,colleges,universities, offices where there is no mention of Allaah and Rasool sall Allaahu ‘alaihi wasallam. This is resulting in physical suicide in the form of thousands of Muslims becoming Shuhadaa and we are so much lost for words that we can’t even vocally condemn the massacre of Muslim brothers and sisters.
    I heard from a Muslim brother Omar Javaid that a sound as small as the flutter of a butterfly can create a tornado halfway round the world. And I read somewhere else that conversation begins with a single voice. By this verbal Jihad, InshaAllaah, the Ummah consciousness would supercede party-consciousness and country-consciousness that continue to divide the Ummah. I hate all parties and all countries and all flags. For the flag of Islam to rise, the flags of all parties and countries should descend. I don’t think we can love Islam wholeheartedly without hating all parties and countries.
    I digressed.
    But MaaShaaAllaah. Well done.

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  3. sachin says:

    please tell me where do we get these disposable toilet seat covers in pune, maharashtra

  4. TOLETTA says:

    Hi there, i don’t know if you can get these in Pune. However you can purchase them on http://www.toletta.com. They will soon be sold in Dubai.

  5. SONA says:


  6. Hi Sona,

    TOLETTA is now in Dubai. You can contact our distributor below for more details.

    Mohamed Arab
    General Manager
    Bedrock Prestige Middle East
    JBC2 Suite#2804
    JLT, Dubai P.O.Box 114957
    t: +971 (0)4 454 2350
    m: + 971 (0)50 819 2398

  7. Madhu says:

    kindly give me the address of this material if available in Pondicherry or in Chennai and address and phone no please. for purchase

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