Cartoon – People Vs Rulers of Islamic Nations

islamic nations muslim rulers

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45 Responses to Cartoon – People Vs Rulers of Islamic Nations

  1. Shockwave says:

    Islam sucks!

    • Alfian Alwi says:

      no, it’s not!

    • R.A says:

      How could you say that if you have no knowledge of Islam other than what you see on T.V if you want to judge a complete religion than you should read about it first and know enough about it.

    • malik says:

      thats not true muslims worship God and muslims’ rulers also independent they have no submission for any category especially america they just pray , obey god orders all im trying to say muslims are strong economical Militarily and who post these things is an Ignorant loser

      • rashid khan says:

        Malik why don’t you understand this image properly

        Muslims prey non but ALLAH …..but most of the rulers of ISLAMIC NATIONS obey america and american president like bush or obama

    • rashid khan says:

      Shockwave sucks

    • unique me says:

      excuse me who said that islam sucks and that it is fuck what is that kind of words that you are using, so this means that is ok to say the same type of words for you religion,is this what you mean by those words,didnt your mother teach you how to talk properly to others Ive never speaked in that way ever to anyone because i respect them and i respect thier religion i am not a crazy person to talk in that way, and we muslims are independent people also never forget that usa is taking oil from middle east because the oil in our countries is better than the oil that usa is producing also we take from usa the good things and they take from us the good things ,and for your knowledge we arabs are people we are not foxes or monsters all of us is made from the same type of substances you arent made from gold or something,people stop being prejiduce because you are in a such a country, i live in dubai a famous country and my father have millions but i am not prejiduce,why? because after all this money and things i have will run out one day, and you will die one day,and i will die one day. people when you well open yor minds and think wisley, and dont care about what type of religion you are or what type of skin color you have just care about your heart,try to have a socilable white heart that doesnt say just good words,people when we are going to be one good socilable world,when we will understand that animals is diffrent than plants and plant and animals is diffrent than people,AND PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION OR MONEY THEY HAVE what matter IS THIER WHITE OPEN HEART.

  2. konservo says:

    So, what you’re saying is… the leaders are o.k. and it is the Muslims that are the real enemy. Right?

  3. Shockwave says:

    Why o you Muslims ally yourselves with Nazis and Leftists?
    Be honest your using them to establish your Kaliphate!
    Fuck Islam!

    • Iba Al-hajj says:

      you have no right to insult islam or the muslims…”we” as muslims dont ally with them, its the kings and rulers that do. you dont have the right to blame an entire nation for what its government is doing.

    • Razzak Ahmed says:

      That wasn’t necessary.

    • rashid khan says:

      shockwave , Don’t worry i won’t abuse you or your faith whatever faith you belong to
      I am MUSLIM , I can’t abuse anybody or their religion
      ISLAM is the only true religion rest have been corrupted by jerk people like you
      But soon this world realize their mistakes when the MUSLIMS will be under the one ISLAMIC FLAG

    • rashid khan says:

      ” It is not their eyes which are blind but their heart ” QUR’AN

  4. waveshocks says:

    These bunch of victimized media just blow up with cliche, hey yo shockwave, breed your complete real smart arguments

  5. Chet says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    It has been a while since I have spent sometime on the computer. Like you things have been tight and somedays I am not sure if there will be enough to get by on.

    It was really good to hear from you. I have been busy and as I have said my finances have been low.

    Karin is still here. She is working at Mary Lanning hospital and has her younger son here with her now. He has an apartment in Grand Island and eventually will be here where she is at. We have another trailer house that we are fixing up for him. It will be a few months for that I am sure. It takes money that just isn’t here right now.

    Take care and I pray that everything will only get better for us all.

  6. I know what you mean…
    but we can forget it for several time..
    I’m From Pekanbaru, a city of Indonesia Want to say “Happy New Moslem Year” . Let’s pray muslim in world going better..
    oh.. would you like to exchange link with me…?

  7. sana says:

    slam is agreat religon al hamdillah. People in the us
    think islam is a bad religon but you have learn about it before you judge it

  8. Chet says:

    Are you ok? How are you getting along? I am thinking of you and worry with what is happening in your country.

  9. Planet Apex says:

    Salam Chet, i’m touched with your concern. thank you so much. well, I’m ok… I couldn’t update the blog becuz lot of things being happneing.

    first I’m busy with my first job and then 3 weeks ago my mom passed away,( may Allah be merciful to her). so having a bit of a though time here.

  10. Chet says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    My heartfield condolences go out to you. I will say Dua’s for your mom and you.

    It is good to know that you are still around. Take care my friend.

  11. Nabil says:

    Islam is the best! number one !

  12. muslim girl says:

    alsalam alaikum

    i wish all those that deny that islam is the true religon visite this website:

  13. Battlewagon says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Battlewagon.

  14. Ahad says:

    Nice Blog ….. Alhamdulillah

    Visit mine

  15. Chris says:

    Wow, I don’t agree with the cartoon at all. I feel the Islamic nations are more independent than Americans are. The U.S. gov’t is more bound to Islamic governments because of America’s oil addiction.

    By the way, your blog is awesome!

  16. mika says:

    When religion and politic convenience mix around, there always will be intolerance. Islam is a truly beautiful concept of LIFE, and it deserves all the respect the other concepts (religions, if you prefer to name them as well) deserve too. We’ve got enough with religious/political regimes. We must stop intolerance.

  17. Nafeesa says:

    The sad truth…

  18. Muslim says:

    People, Islam is the latest and clearest religion.This cartoon is not right,Allah is greater than American goverment.INSALLAH God will forgive their mistakes. Keske onlar ne yapiyorlar anlasaydilar…

  19. Amatullah says:

    Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmutallah wa barakatuhu,

    Brother your blog is great, mashallah. Please continue to post, inshallah. And I hope everything is ok with you and your family.

  20. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  21. 100% Muslim says:

    ahaha you all people we are the bed peopel in the world man look at USA who likes them hmm aa no one… and USA is only attecking the small countres come on USA go atteck China or Russia yee mother Fuckers are Scrad becous they know they cant win and USA and to all People who dont like Muslim its ok the most clean religion in the world
    ther is only one god and its Allaha and Muhhamed is hes messenger and so its Jessus and Ibgarim

  22. soumaxi says:

    fucker mother shockwave u re enemy for us

    • rashid khan says:

      If you are really muslim don’t abuse anybody or their religion
      ISLAM does not allow that , Brother

  23. soumaxi says:

    this is a bad picture oh oh we aren’t terrorists yours attack us

  24. tan- fun - man says:

    islam is good..
    you just have to to understand..
    that is all..

  25. Ahmed says:

    Islam not sucks but very beautiful .I love Islam .

  26. MT says:


  27. islam says:

    guys im palastinian and u americans who dnt beleive in islam look my country has bin in war for over 75 years and look at how muslims and christians lived in peace and harmony until u bloody israilies ruined all that and all u americans do is sit on your but and attack people

  28. majid says:

    The picture is false, most Muslims have strayed. This is why we suffer. It is punishment from Allah and we deserve it.

  29. Syed Riaz says:

    its very sad truth.. wht to do…….. just we can pray to God.

  30. The very truth that makes us sad.

  31. Excuseme says:

    Sad truth indeed brothers and sisters, but it should not keep us from moving forward for betterment of the future. But we all should not blame others who’re non-muslims with slight assumptions or accusations; it will make things worse giving them legitimate ideas to make us look bad. Focus on betterment around us as a first step to the great future. Remember Islam forbid revenge, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”- Mohandas Gandhi.
    Hope you get the idea of my advice; I’m not good at elaborate explanations.


  32. diana says:

    To every person a Christian … the islam is a really good Religion…..Muslims do not speak for Christians in this way that some people speak of Christianity, because in the book Islam and the Prophet’s injunction to prevent the exchange of insults to me and not entitled to any Christian to speak for Islam because all religions of God

  33. diana says:

    and we are all from the earth However, we are all human beings

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