Map of The Muslim Nation

Assalamu Alaikum dear Brothers and Sisters,
The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa’sallam said: “The Muslim is a unique Ummah among the whole of mankind: Their Land is ONE, their War is ONE, their Peace is ONE, their Honour is ONE and their Trust is ONE.” (Ref:Ahmad)

So I just made this map erasing all the borders of Muslim countries and joining them together to form the Muslim Nation. Just imagine how good it will be if we can realize it  Inshallah Tomorrow?

muslim nation caliphate map

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10 Responses to Map of The Muslim Nation

  1. Sadettin says:

    The total navy of these countries are not as big as Netherland’s Navy.
    Be realistic.

  2. What does the navy have to do with this?

  3. Moheet Alam Baig says:

    inshallah muslims will again dominate the whole world and restore peace among both muslims and non muslims….ameen..

    hey muslim these muslimhiphop songs by soldiers of allah from USA..

    check out what they say….
    muslim unit!!!
    muslim 4 life!!!

    and check this out too

  4. Sadettin says:

    Dear 1muslimnation,

    First I want to tell you that the map above is more or less the same map of Ottomans’ strongest times. Besides Ottomans clever tactics, strategies and equitable administritation, also it is very clear that without the support of hi-tech (for that time of course) Ottoman’s Huge Army , it was imposibble to realize it.
    This is what I mean.

    • septiadi says:

      u re mistakenly judge us if u think that moslem depend on high tech. see this my friend in this battle, moslem army tech is lower than byzantine empire tech. the moslem soldier is also fewer than the byzantine empire.

      we moslem loves death more than our enemy loves their wives, their wealth, their child, their wine n drugs.
      we moslem loves our prophet and our god more than we love our parrent and our self.

  5. Sadettin says:

    Forget about Inshallah, mashallah. Be realistic, take what we have done (as Turks) as your example if you want to realize it. Islam people are not alone in this world and no body is just watching them and wait!

  6. Sadettin,
    In this post I only outlined a vision in a map. I agree with you. We need to be realistic, prayers only will not get us where we want to be. This site itself is a step in that direction don’t you think?

    There are some inaccuracies in your Ottaman example. The Ottoman caliphate was never so big. This map shows Indonesia and Pakistan and central Africa among other places which were never under Ottoman rule. Even if you add the European regions of Ottoman control they are smaller than Indonesia. Secondly unlike the European empires, the Ottoman was not a empire but the Caliphate and it did not exist solely on military strength alone. At the inception and most of the time it was an empire of faith. There was always a loyalty to the ruler (the Caliph) among the average Muslim people be they Arabs, Turks and others and all looked to the Caliph as THEIR ruler (not as a Turkish Emperor). The whole empire was One country. The court of the Sultan (Caliph) was made up of Turks, Arabs, Greeks and other nationalities of the Caliphate. When Muslims weakened in faith and corruption creapt into every sphere, the enemies (British etc) had the ground to saw discord among various Muslim nationalities and shatter the Ottoman Caliphate. The Caliph and his general also made some terrible mistakes towards the end. Moral of the story – it was our mistakes and sins (corruption, slacking in faith etc) that led to the downfall of the Ottoman Caliphate.

    Back to present, yes, the Muslim world is very weak and there are all kinds of forces working against Muslims uniting. Most Muslims see this and get discouraged or give up. That is a sign of lack of faith and determination. What we forget is these forces were always present in one form or another and always will be there. These are obstacles no doubt but with hard work, faith, and proper organisation they can be overcome. Allah says in the Quran that those who firmly believe and do RIGHTEOUS things will be made the rulers of the land. the early Muslim followers did what Allah said and they were made the rulers of the land overcoming the great empires of that time like Romans, Persians etc. If sufficient number of Muslims do that today we will again regain our past glory. And even if sufficient number of Muslims don’t do we may not regain our past glory but those few who do will have the peace of mind of doing the right thing and also will await the reward for their actions in the hereafter.

    I wrote about a way we can unite the Muslim world in this post –

    But I no longer believe in a union. I have now come to the belief that only the Caliphate system can solve the problems of the Muslims.

  7. KW says:

    The division among the Muslim world reminds anyone who has knowledge of history to the condition in Muslim Spain during the Taifa period(Party kings). We divide ourselves on ethnic,nationalistics,linguistic lines all of whom are Fitnah. It is time OIC states should have a military alliance to protect itself both from West and East(China, Russia etc…). This alliance will give the Muslim world a sense of security which in turn will reduce sense of hopelessness and make the Muslim world more stable. This allaince will also work in the world stage to liberate Muslims lands from occupation. Below is just a small list of Muslim land under occupation;
    1. Iraq, Palestine (Arab world)
    2. Afghanistan, Kashmir(South Asia)
    3. Kosovo (Balkan)
    4. Xin-kiang/Eastern Turkestan(North-East China).
    5. Caucasus region(Chechnya,Dagestan) of Russia
    6. Bashkorkostan, Tartarstan(Volga region) in Russia
    7. Crimea (Ukraine)
    8. Mindanao (Phillipines)

    List can go on. People of these diasporas deserves to live as human being, Only OIC military allaince can ensure that.

  8. Mumin says:

    This map should include lands conquered by the glorious mujahedin in Europe, such as Gibraltar, most of Spain, all of Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, southern France (all the way to Grenoble in Burgundy), the Swiss cantons of Le Valais and Les Grisons, southern Italy (all the way to Civitavecchia, a coastal suburb of Rome turned into an Emirate between 828 and 889), all of Sicily, all of Corsica, all of Sardinia, all of Malta, all of Majorca and Minorca, all of Rhodes, all of Crete, all of Cyprus, all of Greece, all of Armenia, all of Georgia, all of Abkhazia, all of South Ossetia, the southern Ukraine, all of the Crimea, much of Romania and Moldova, all of Bulgaria, all of Macedonia, all of Albania, nearly all of Montenegro, all of Kosovo, all of Serbia, half of Croatia, northeastern Slovenia, parts of Austria, nearly all of Hungary, southern Slovakia, all of which are Muslim lands currently occupied unjustly by mushrikeen, and must therefore be reopened to the rule of Islamic Sharia. Also, the rest of Moldova and Romania as well as the modern nations of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, half of Estonia, and even Muscovite Russia and Austria should recognize and submit to the Khalifah as Vassals, but these few are not strictly Muslim lands, unlike the many countries listed above under which there was Islamic Sharia legislation and governance and the establishment of large Muslim communities and the subordination of idolatrous polytheists to the rule of Allah’s deen as dhimmi peoples.

  9. rashid khan says:

    Indeed , ISLAM will dominate the world with peace INSHAALLAH

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