A Community Blog About Indian Muslims

Indian national flagAs you might already know India has a very large Muslim population which according to some sources might be only second to Indonesia. Roughly estimated to be around 140 million, Indian Muslims form a significant portion of the Muslim Ummah. Intellectuals like Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. Rashid Shaz are two shining examples of this communities contribution to todays Islamic world.

However in modern India, living as a Muslim has become very tough in a Hindu majority society (81% of India’s population is Hindu) due to reasons like the partition of Pakistan, communal riots, the Kashmir dispute and terrorist attacks. Coupled to this has been the economic and educational backwardness of Indian Muslims and inaccurate reports coming out of India about them. In this atmosphere it’s very important for outsiders to have a local Muslim source to get first hand opinions and information from Indian Muslims.

indian muslims community blog website Fulfilling this need is the Indian Muslim community blog – indianmuslims.in It has a growing contributor base from across the country and publishes well written posts about issues concerning Indian Muslims. The blog is a must visit for everyone interested in India, Muslims and Indian issues.

A recent post I like to draw your attention is the post titled – And this is why we need this blog! Its about the gloomy side of the worlds largest minority Muslim community.

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