Western Muslim Scholars Not Allowed in United States

us president bush at warBismillah,
US Government accuse Muslims for extremism and imposing restrictions on personnel freedom. But when it comes to practice they are the first to break their own rules. Recently there has been a sting of entry denials by the US Government to Western Islamic scholars who attempt to visit the United States on invitations by American universities and organizations. Under the ironic heading, “Fear Of A Muslim Opinion” the resourceful community blog, altmuslim.com reports on recent US entry denials to some top Islamic scholars from Western countries.

A pattern of denied entries to the United States of Muslim scholars – with no evidence given – is exacerbating tensions caused by an already existing lack of dialogue [between America and Muslims]

Swiss western Islamic Scholar professor Tariq RamadanIn September, American authorities upheld their ban of noted Swiss academic Tariq Ramadan, who had a previous visa revoked in 2004 before he could begin a tenured position at the University of Notre Dame. Reason given for the denial was a small contribution made to a Palestinian charity allegedly linked to Hamas before the charities were blacklisted by the US. (Note: Tariq Ramadan is a renowned academic in Europe and many view him as the leading figure of European Muslims. His official site is tariqramadan.com)

MCB UK British Muslim Council leaderBritish Muslim leader Dr. Kamal Helbawy was denied entry in New York on October 18, despite not being on any no-fly list and serving as an advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Two South African scholars – Adam Habib and Fazlur Rahman Azmi – were denied entry after reaching the US, visas in hand, prompting intervention by the South African government, to no avail.

Interestingly they are Muslim Islamic scholars from Western countries and respected by Muslims as well as non-Muslims. However these are only some high profile cases. In addition to scholars, there have been many recent entry denials to the United States that include students, academics and businessmen. Besides entry denials recent years have seen many Muslims being deported from the US on flimsy allegations that seem to be getting bizarre by the day.

Couple of months back, former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami had his visa personally approved by President George Bush and visited United States in a lecture tour. Then many were seen praising the Bush administration for its openness to differing opinions. That openness seems to be ‘pick and choose’ openness when it comes to Western Islamic scholars. Perhaps they’ll be allowed to enter if they were to come from Iran!

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2 Responses to Western Muslim Scholars Not Allowed in United States

  1. Darin Hanson says:

    Why should any scholars of Islam be able to sp eak or let alone teach in our schools and Universities, the only thing from the beggining of Islam is been about conquering other regions and lands. There is NOTHING good to speak of of this religion. There is no peace, not even among it’s own people. Many people believe that President Jefferson had a Koran because he thought it to be insipiring , no he had it so that he could study it so America would have an upper hand in the battles that would soon come in the defense of Islam Pirates in then Atlantic Ocean. Islam has always been about wars. Many Muslims are to follow Jihad, this means even the peaceful muslims will be forced to kill those they might not want to, just to save family members. the reason why nobody will actually come out and say anything is simply they are cowards. People in dignified offices would fear of being charged with discrimination and soon to be hate crimes. People need to know the truth about Isalm, study it. I never hear of christians bombing this place or christians bombing this place. Why is that? Because it’s about fear, it’s how it’s been since the beggining, convert or else!

  2. Kwiatkowski says:

    Hye Darin, I’m a Christian, and have had a few Muslim friends here in the United States. In my line of work, I get to work with them on a nearly daily basis. While there are definitely radical Muslims out there, the majority of them ARE peaceful, and intend to stay that way. As for Christianity being peaceful, the reason why you “never hear of christians bombing this place or christians bombing this place,” is because you weren’t around when it happened. Large groups of Christians supported Hitler’s campaign to “solve the Jewish problem.” and have you forgotten the Inquisition? Many of today’s Spanish Christians were once Muslims. They stayed Christian out of fear, not out of spiritual conversion. Europe was Christianized by the sword.

    Your message is completely and totally full of hate and ignorance, and unless you get your bigoted act together, you will be doing your part to maintain the atmosphere of hate and distrust that fringe groups, known as Christian Bullies and Muslim Terrorists, thrive in.

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