7 Common Double-Standards Against Muslims

justice scale double standards against MuslimsBismillah,
Everyone likes to be a rational and considerate person. Unfortunately when it comes to dealing with Muslims these higher ideals of logic and reason are often sacrificed in place of prejudice. The following are six instances where double standards are unwittingly employed against Muslims often causing Muslims to endure physical and mental hardships.

  1. No one abuses a Jewish man for growing a beard according to his religious beliefs. But if a Muslim man does the same thing he is labeled as a terrorist, extremist or fundamentalist!
  2. When a Christian Nun covers her body from head to toe it is considered as act of devotion to God. But if a Muslim woman dress like that she is ridiculed and discriminated!
  3. When a western woman stays at home to look after her children without going for a job she is respected for being devoted to her family. But if a Muslim woman stays at home like that she is considered as a prisoner and a woman without women rights!
  4. A young woman can wear any dress she prefers and enter any higher educational institute. But if a young Muslim woman wearing a hijab enters higher educational institutes she is ridiculed!
  5. When a Christian, Jew or anyone else murders someone their religion will not prop up. But if a Muslim did the same crime it will be blamed on Islam!
  6. When someone fights and sacrifices his life for his country, his leaders or his people he is venerated as a hero. But if a Muslim fights and sacrifices his life for his country or his people his family is persecuted, his house is destroyed, his mosque is closed. And he is labeled a terrorist. Why? because he is a Muslim!
  7. When facing a problem any solution will be accepted and considered. But if the solution is in Islam it will be rejected!
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2 Responses to 7 Common Double-Standards Against Muslims

  1. Have Sense says:

    Your misleading seven points will appeal only to morons, who cant use rationale.

    1. Bearded jews are epitomes of peace. Unlikebearded muslims they dont go in planes to crash them and murder hundreds of innocent people.

    2.Only Nuns (and not the entire milions of christian woman population unlike like muslims ) cover because they have vowed celebacy but the oppressive Islam forces or brainwashes all its women to cover up, clearly treating them as sex objects
    3.Look at the percentage of western women confined to homes to look after household and their children and look at percentage of Islamic women having to do the same. The statistics wil speak for themselves! It is unislamic for women to have access to all careers that men enjoy.
    They are socially made prisoners in the pretext taking care of children. And the business of child rearing is an endless marathon for women in a muslim home which is a child producing factory dedicated to meeting Islamic production targets! Unlike a Christian household women can hope to get back to their careers after a brief spell of one or two children. However much you try to mislead this is the sad bitter fact of Islamic life.

    4. This point would have been a fair point if and only if the young woman truly prefers to wear hijab. Fact is the hijab that the young women is not out of independent free-choice but they are either commanded, or do so out of a fear of being punished or reprimanded for being unislamic or simply by being brainwashed psychologicaly having had grown up in such stubbornly bigotic environment.
    5. When a Jew or Christian murders it is simply a crime and nothing more or less than that. When A Muslim murders if it is a murder for individual reasons then it is a crime same as committed bya Jew or Christian. However, a muslim also murders for reasons that go beyond individual. They are usualy mass murders and are done for Islam as part of Jihad. Islam is rightly to be blamed because it is a hate & intolerance preaching religion. It is the only religion on the face of the earth in which a believer goes to heaven for killing non-believers of the religion.
    6. When some one fights for his country he does so by joining the defence forces legitimately. But a terrorist is no soldier, protecting his country he is a hero because he participates ina war against professional combatants of the enemy declared and conducted in a battlefield. Thats why he is a Hero. A Muslim fighting is a rogue belonging to a group of thugs conducting not an open but sly warfare in the name of Islam by strapping bombs on his waist and blowing himself up not in a battlefield but in restaurants, cinema halls, railways stations and killing unsuspecting unarmed non-combatant civilians, in cold blood – such Islamic rogue is a Coward, definitely not a Hero as ina Soldier.
    7. An islamic solution needs to be outrightly rejected because a religion that does prescribes intolerance and hatred towards other beliefs and legitimises violence as a means to reaching heaven, such a religion ful of flaws is suspect. That is why an islamic solution always aggravates a problem.

    Anyone with basic sense & intelligence can see through your manipulation. Good effort but hard luck.

  2. Someone with sense says:

    dear have sense

    though generalizations and simplifications are not my cup of tea, it appears your logic is so flawed that i need to defend the above mentioned seven generalizations against my will. going one by one.

    1. lets look at the biggest event in recent history involving muslims and terror, 911. how many of the bombers actually had beards, i only remember one bomber to be quite honest and he was clean shaven. makes sense doesnt it, if a bearded person is most likely to be stoped, when bombing a plan shave beforehand.
    the only reason muslim (and due to lack of information sikh) beards are taken to epitmise death is fox news. i am short on time , just wikipedia Classical conditioning.

    2. where to start. well forcing a women to cover herself against her will is not something i support. but brainwashing, really thats the best you could do. what is i argue nuns are brainwashed. seriously, how could they be convinced to give up the freedom to to wear bikinis, and in all fairness be denied the pleasures of sex. even we fanatics who like to blow stuff up, dont deny anyone that. muslim women and nuns all have brains, that are far from washed, respect everyones beliefs, thats all i can say.

    3. true, the percentages vary, but isnt that social and cultural. look at the number of people who eat rice in china versus those in america, clearly there is a problem with the chinese, their gov. must have brainwashed then to eat healthy food, and not something else. not really, again respect social and cultural boundaries, please.
    as far as being forced goes, forcing a woman i maintain is wrong and work is being done to eliminate such cases, but your generalization to most if not all mulim women just points to ur lack of information. muslim women do work and do have careers, look past the news networks that only flash such sensitive information ( if i believe fox news, all americans are fat, abusive spouses and shoot their children, i dont.) and look for facts.

    4. this is based on an assumption, i will not dignify it with a reponse.

    5. here you started strong. you had a valid point, ppl use islam for their goals. then u just messed up. Have u read the koran, anything about islam, the hadith, anything………? you see islam is not what ppl who call them muslims do, the same way like judism and christianity is not what some christians do. Pick up a history book, look at the attrocities commited by christains, ransaking and raping muslim parts of jurusalem, ethinically cleansing spain of mulsims, and recently kosovo. all were at some time linked to religion and commited by ppl who claimed to adhere to christianity. but do i claim that christ was a merciless killer, NO, infact i actually know and believe in his prophethood. why, well because i dont make assumptions.

    6. ok, so the american civil war heroes, were they heroes or a bunch of thugs and terrorists? ask the british and their government. not defending osama here, but look at hamas. why is it any different. israel has killed 1000x more palestinians and occupied palestine. why are they terrorists. as the old saying goes one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter. just research before you make claims, should make some sense of this crazy world we live in.

    7. Please read about islam, and do it properly, some suggestions would be ourdialogue.com

    neways i dont think i can change your mind, though i have tried.

    i cant help but wonder how you to are trying to force everyone to believe in what you believe. you hide your fanatic religiousity by using words like logic yet use nothing but generalisations and assumptions. wouldnt it be a better place if we let ppl have their own beliefs (sound familiar).

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